When a Scorpio Man is Done With You

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
A Scorpio man is done with a woman.

Scorpio men are mysterious and complex, so it takes a while to get to know them. Once you do, you discover a man full of loyalty, passion, and fierce intensity. But now, you’re in a relationship with him, you’re noticing changes, and you’re not sure what they mean. Is your man tired of you? Could this be the end? But that’s why we’re here. Though Scorpio men are an impenetrable bunch, we’re here to help you understand them a bit more.

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Scorpio Men in Relationships

Scorpio men are passionate, intense, and lustful in relationships. They are known to be loyal and driven to see a relationship full of energy. They analyze situations with a keen eye and take time to remember details regarding you. However, these behaviors may all vanish when he’s tired. And you’ll know it’s about time to leave.

What Can Make Him Leave You?

Scorpios are dedicated and loyal lovers, but these qualities also make them prone to jealousy. If your Scorpio partner notices you constantly cozying up to another man, they’ll be eager to end things. He also gets vindictive when his ego gets bruised. He’ll be unwilling to continue the relationship and do all in his power to shut you out.

A Scorpio man is done with a woman.

7 Signs a Scorpio Man is Over You

Here are the tell-tale signs that your Scorpio man is done with the relationship.

When a Scorpio Man is Done With You He’s Cold and Distant

Scorpio men are skilled at hiding their emotions. They don’t like giving up too much information about themselves to someone else. However, when they’re in love with you, they can’t help but show it. Though their private nature makes public displays impossible when in private, Scorpio men will shower you with all their attention.

Nevertheless, they shut down the affection when they’re tired of the relationship. Scorpio men keep their distance and don’t show the same warmth and intensity they usually do. You feel this lack of kindness and vigor, and it’s obvious something is wrong.

Scorpio man is done with woman.

He Uses Spiteful Words

An offended Scorpio man is one you don’t want to cross. And this is because he gets vindictive and hurtful when wronged. He’ll come at you with blades forged from your vulnerabilities. And he’ll use words to spite you all the time.

Naturally, these actions are hurtful. And he means them to be that way. But understand that when you notice these signs, your Scorpio boyfriend is most likely on his way out of the relationship.

He’s Horrible to You When Scorpio Done With You

In normal circumstances, your Scorpio boyfriend is as charming as he is passionate. But once the love runs out, he turns grim and villainous. Whenever you both disagree, he lashes out verbally and abandons you. He isn’t considerate of your feelings, and it’s obvious he’s cutting you off emotionally. These behaviors are offensive, but they’re his attempt to let you know he’s done with you.

Scorpio man is done with a woman.

He’s With Someone New

Some Scorpio men are players, and they’re the type you want to avoid. But perhaps your man has been devoted so far. He has been committed to the relationship from the beginning, but now, he’s seeking outside attention. You hear he’s hanging out with a new person. And you get – understandably – worried. At this point, you should realize your man doesn’t have his previous devotion to the relationship. He’s trying to phase you out.

He’s Less Passionate sign that Scorpio Man is Done With You

Scorpio men are generally passionate and intense with their affection. They give you a delightfully loving relationship when you match that intensity. A Scorpio man will lose intensity in the rare situation where the spark has burned out. The passion is gone, and he doesn’t see the need to force it. At this point, you notice he’s less physical and doesn’t make any effort to appear so.

He Makes No Effort to Stay in Contact

To a large extent, Scorpio men are possessive. They like to keep tabs on their lovers and find out how and where they are. They send messages and regularly call to know where you are. However, when your Scorpio boyfriend’s feelings run out, he stops all his efforts. The love dries out, and he doesn’t check up on you anymore. And this is a direct sign he isn’t interested in the relationship.

A Scorpio man is done with woman.

He Makes Plans Without You When Scorpio Want to Leave You

Be attentive when your Scorpio man refers to only himself when making plans. This behavior indicates he has thought of the future and no longer sees you in it. He’s now thinking only of himself without you in the picture.

This sign is more subtle, but you can also notice it by observing his schedule. Be prepared if you recognize he’s doing things you’re unaware of at odd times. He’s probably heading out of the relationship.

He May Come Back

Scorpios love with a lot of intensity. They grow attached profoundly and won’t let go of you quickly. But this all depends on your offense. If you’ve bruised your Scorpio man’s ego deeply, likely, he won’t ever forgive you. Consider what you’ve done and reach out to him if you can. However, if you know your failings are deep-cutting betrayals, it’s time to cut your losses and move on.

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