How to Make a Cancer Man Obsessed with You?

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Cancer man hugging a woman near a lake.

Who doesn’t love a Cancer man? Though he can be traditional, he is soft-hearted, caring, loving, tender, and all of the romantic synonyms you can think of. Cancers unlike many other zodiac male signs, is very much in touch with his emotional side. They understand it and know exactly how to replicate it.

A close friend, a loving husband, and a thoughtful father, he is almost ideal. However, if you don’t know what to do or you don’t know your way around a Cancer man, you might lose him. So hurry up, and read till the end of this post to know how to make a Cancer man obsessed with you.

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Perform the First Move to Make a Cancer Man Obsessed with You

So, it is already grounded that you like a Cancer for the things that get you attracted to him. However, if you are waiting for him to make the first move, then you can wait for a very long time – maybe forever. Cancers are naturally shy and reserved and do not like to overstep, especially, when it comes to emotional field.

He might also be interested in something with you, this man will not make the first move. Therefore, be direct. Show your interest. You can either begin subtly by telling him exactly how you feel or go the extra mile by asking him out on a date or a group hangout.

Either way, it is a direct way to know if he is interested and a tip to get him to begin chasing.

Woman express her feeling to cancer man.

Express Your Feelings

The next step is to be clear about your intentions. Sometimes, it can be easy to misunderstand a friendship outing with a romantic one. A Cancer man will appreciate it deeply if you are open about your feelings. Try small talk, be real, talk about how your day went, and ask him about his too.

You would realize by now that getting a Cancer partner to be obsessed with you requires some effort on your side. Therefore, the idea is to invest time in a good conversation.

Give Him the Time to Open Up

While doing all these things, it can be a bit frustrating to keep waiting for him to respond or reciprocate your gestures. But don’t be in a hurry because he isn’t. The one thing you should know about how to make a Cancer man obsessed with you is that you would have to be patient.

If he wants to stay friends for a while longer, respect his decision as the Cancer prefers to take his time with feelings that are real to him. Continue the dates and outings but take note. If he continues to be reluctant and tends to be even a little bit hostile or unwilling, then it might be that he isn’t interested.

Cancer man hugging woman.

Be Yourself It Makes a Cancer Man Obsessed with You

It can be easy to put up an act seeing that you know what he likes and what he is attracted to. But higher than all of that, a man under this sign falls deeply for authenticity. He can see through the veil to know whether or not you are being real. So don’t be afraid to be unique or not alike in everything. It’s okay not to like the same songs he does or not to fancy his idea of a great meal. However, if he is truly interested in you, your uniqueness is what would get him hooked on you.

Talk About Your Family and Friends

Leaving your family and friends out of the conversation might be a great idea if you don’t want to come off too desperate or fast. However, with a Cancers partners, it is the recipe for obsession. They places so much value on his close circle, and it include his family and, of course, his friends.

So talking about them during conversations where they happen to pop up would make him get the impression that you also value bonds. So next time you go out on a date, don’t skip the part where your siblings made a funny video because that is how to make a Cancer man obsessed with you.

Cancer man has eye contact with woman.

Flaunt Your Stability to Make a Cancer Obsessed You

Since you are getting closer to the end, it is the best time to talk about some bitter truth. You need to show off a little with your loved Cancer, and that means flaunting how stable you are. Though the better part of this guide talks more about talking to him about everything and being open, however, try to refrain from speaking to him 24-7 about your problems.

If you have a challenge, talk to him about it when it is solved, and don’t forget to brag a little about how you solved it. If you have a business that’s going well, tell him about it. This would make him see you as an asset, not a liability, and that is downright a catch. But one significant thing is to make sure that you flaunt and not brag. Bragging about your success does the total opposite.


He will fall for you — head over heels, in fact, but it might take a while. But as you wait, keep being encouraging and most importantly, friendly in your conversations and with the way you interact with him. Take note of all the pointers listed in this guide, and you are wished all the good luck in the world.

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