Uranus in Capricorn Mean?

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Uranus in Capricorn.

With Capricorn being the 10th Zodiac sign, the dates for these people fall between December 22nd and January 19th. If you are born between these dates, of course, you are part of the Capricorn star sign. But for Uranus in Capricorn, the planet must have entered the sphere of influence during those specific dates. Typically, Uranus spends around seven years in each of the Zodiac star signs. And the most recent time frame was from 1988 to 1996. So, if you were both in any of those years, you are indeed a ‘Uranus in Capricorn’.

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Personality Uranus in Capricorn

Most Uranus in Capricorn natives are relentless in their quest for personal achievement and success in life. This is true in most areas, but especially in terms of business, career, physical fitness, and learning new skills. They are incredibly courageous people, and they are not afraid of taking full responsibility for their own successes, as well as their own failures. Most of the time, Uranus in Capricorn people are willing to stick with a task far more than other Zodiac combinations.

Positive Traits Uranus in Capricorn

The Uranus Capricorn sphere of influence often leads to a range of positive traits. For clarity, we’d like to quickly discuss such traits below:

Capricorn constellation and Uranus.

Uranus in Capricorn Man

  • Strategic and clinical: Although Uranus is sometimes associated with rash decision-making, this isn’t strictly true with the Uranus in Capricorn man. These guys can approach problems calmly, assessing multiple areas, and then they can make the most informed decision possible.
  • Incredible tenacity: A Uranus in Capricorn man will hunt his dreams until he either sees no possible route for success, or he achieves his objectives. Tenacity is by far one of the most positive traits for these men, as they will push until the outcome is as desired.

Uranus in Capricorn Woman

  • Proactive: Compared with the Uranus in Capricorn man, the Uranus in Capricorn woman is more active and energetic. She will constantly take on challenges and attempt to learn new skills to broaden her ‘wholeness’ as a person. In the working environment, this is often reflected in the form of great proactivity.
  • Ambitious: While the Uranus in Capricorn woman might not be as tenacious as the man, she is still a fiercely competitive person. She will fight to the death on issues close to her heart, and her ambition is almost unrivaled with other star combinations. Given her thirst for taking on and succeeding with new challenges, she often reaches the top of whatever she is doing.
  • Negative traits: As much as we’d like to pretend that it’s all positive surrounding Uranus in Capricorn people - sadly, it isn’t. Without further ado, here are the negatives:

Uranus in Capricorn sign.

Uranus in Capricorn Man

  • Stubbornness. Remember what we said about the Uranus in Capricorn man willing to continue until no other avenue is there to be explored? Well, this can also work in a negative sense in the form of stubbornness. Sometimes, they are too proud of their ideas that they refuse to see the obvious failings.

Uranus in Capricorn Woman

  • Disinterested in simple things. Uranus in Capricorn women are all about challenges, as this is what gives them the thrill of being alive. However, should simple and mundane tasks present themselves, she can be bored very easily. Tasks that aren’t challenging, while necessary, can often get ignored by a Uranus in Capricorn woman.


It’s very common to find Uranus in Capricorn people at the very top of the tree when it comes to their careers. As mentioned previously, they are never satisfied with what they have achieved. This drives them forward at a pace that other people can only imagine, and they will constantly explore new ideas, avenues, and make new connections to reach their goals. Of course, this usually translates to Uranus in Capricorn people making a lot of money in their lives.

Uranus Capricorn.

Love Uranus in Capricorn

Uranus in Capricorn natives are often slower to jump into relationships than most. They will take their time and calculate the pros and cons before jumping into anything too heavy. But once they commit, they are there for the long haul. Should challenges in a relationship present themselves, Uranus in Capricorn people will investigate every possible way to get back on track. For this reason, they are usually very deep and connected lovers.


The overwhelming trait of Uranus in Capricorn people is that they are highly driven. Nobody who falls under this umbrella is satisfied with average. They want to push and push until their success is clear for all to see. Most importantly, they need to feel that they have achieved something significant in life. This sometimes comes at the sacrifice of other simple things, but overall, these guys are people you want in your corner for life’s battles!

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