How to Make a Pisces Man Chase You

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Pisces man and woman riding bikes.

With the help of these tips, you can capture a Pisces man's attention and make him want to pursue you. It's important not to get snared entirely on his web until you know he will commit to you. He will be a fantastic companion for the rest of your life if he accomplishes this.

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First, Attempt to Get the Attention of a Pisces Man

When a Pisces guy is in the mood for romance, he will often engage in playful flirtation. To pique his interest, keep things light and amusing. Pose some provocative questions that can be interpreted in several ways. This will pique his interest and make him curious about you more.

Be Kind to Him and Let Him See Your Soft Side

It is possible for a guy born under the sign of Pisces to have a rough appearance but a kind heart behind it all. He's compassionate and caring. He wants to know what is in your heart as far as he is concerned. You may show him that you have a soft seat by how you treat people and conduct yourself in public.

Woman arouses a pisces man interest.

Bring Out His Sensual Side to Make a Pisces Man Chase You

Pisces is known for his love of romance, so if you're going out, don't forget to dress like a princess. It is imperative if he has not yet asked you out, but you are sure that you will see him at an event like a party or a restaurant. His attention will undoubtedly be drawn to you, and he'll be captivated. Leave him standing there with thoughts swirling in his head after donning a charisma to go with your romantic appearance.

Get His Attention by Demonstrating Your Volunteerism in the Community

A man born under the sign of Pisces is sincerely concerned about the well-being of others around him. Consider bringing up a personal anecdote or anecdote from one of your volunteer activities.

The Way to Make a Pisces Man Chase You Arouse His Interest

You'll pique his curiosity and earn his adoration without making it seem like you're going to win him over. When he asks about your engagement in the community, don't go overboard. Keep him guessing what you're up to and how serious you are.

Woman listen to what a pisces man has to say.

Listen to what He has to say

Pisces are reticent to share their thoughts and feelings with others. He does so exclusively with those he knows and trusts when he reveals anything personally. Please pay attention to what he doesn't mention when he talks about himself. If you gently prod him, he could open up a bit more. Since Pisces is interested in other people and their perspectives, this should be a fair exchange.

What Do You Know About the Mysterious?

Tell your Pisces guy if you're a fan of the unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary. He'll be intrigued and eager to continue the conversation with you. He's pretty passionate about this, and you'd be astonished at how much he knows about a wide range of irrational subjects.

Pisces man walking with a woman.

When You've Been to an Exciting or Strange Event, Tell Him About It!

If you've been to a strange or unusual event, share it with Pisces. Don't hold back on the specifics. A Himalayan salt room, psychic class, or ghost search will pique his interest, and you can expect him to bombard you with questions. Describe more off-the-beaten-path experiences to keep him interested. Promise to share the details with him the next time you're in his presence with a wink of the head. If you can get him, you've got him!

Share Your Thoughts on the Subject of Religion and Spirituality

A man born under the sign of Pisces is very spiritual. It seems like he's always on the prowl for answers to his myriad questions about life and death. Do you have thoughts about spirituality, or have you had personal encounters with it? Particularly when sharing deeply personal spiritual experiences, he's an excellent listener.

Prove to Him That You're a Person of Laughter

An intellectual Pisces man also has a good sense of humor. Demonstrate your dry wit or refined sense of humor for him. You may do this by telling a joke, telling a hilarious anecdote, talking about a comedy you watched or mentioning a funny book you just finished reading.

Pisces man walking with woman on the beach.

Using a Story as a Prelude to a First Date Proposal

There are moments when you must take the lead. Try to get him out of the house for a comedy show or movie you've had your eye on. For the duration of the evening, keep the mood light and enjoyable. Hand the reins over to him once the show or movie is done. He may take you to his favorite restaurant or diner as a surprise.


It is possible to pique the interest of a Pisces guy in a variety of ways. The most important thing you need to do is tell the truth since he will know if you're manipulating him.

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