March Aries vs April Aries

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
March Aries VS April Aries.

Aries are known to aim high and be fearless. And akin to their zodiac symbol, the head, Aries will take on any situation head-on! Furthermore, they are considered highly driven and have immense belief in their abilities. Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised to see Aries doing their part for the community with a smile on their face!

Furthermore, Aries is a fundamental sign that begins the zodiac wheel and spring. However, it isn't all so black and white; keep reading as we elaborate on the different types of Aries:

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What is Difference Between March and April Aries?

Most experts feel that each sign learns something from those that came before it, both negatives and positives.

However, Aries always lead with unreasonable positivity and barrage life with power-driven motivation, complementing their impulsivity.

Two people with similar zodiac signs won't necessarily be on the same page about everything.

Moreover, zodiac experts famously believe that March Aries and April Aries might essentially be opposites.

All of it makes perfect sense; even if two individuals share a sun sign, the positioning of other heavenly bodies in the birth chart will depend on the following:

  • Time of birth
  • Day
  • Year

Aries constellation.

This means we all are a single cosmic being different from everyone else.

Skeptics often ask if there are any scientifically backed variations among an April Aries or a March Aries Yes, we can; however, it is much more complicated than you can imagine.

Things That Set Apart March Aries and April Aries

Each birth chart comprises essential positions and celestial bodies; some might relocate signs in a matter of moments.

Therefore, you are essentially an Aries if you're born between 21st March and 20 of April; however, Mercury, Mars, Venus, moon, and the rising zodiac signs might vary wildly. So, keep reading as we dive into the dissimilarities between a March Aries vs. April Aries:

April Aries Are Always in the Hunt for Thrill

April Aries are perhaps are more inclined to search for an adrenaline rush than their March counterpart.

This is primarily because the most significant planet known, Jupiter, co-controls half the life of an April Aries. As a result, they will want to learn new things, see new places, and seek uncharted experiences!

This astrological effect displays the excitement-seeking tendencies of April Aries, which is also the main reason why this variation is more likely to gamble for the sake of an adrenaline rush.

March Aries or april Aries.

March Aries are Great at Leading

Most Aries are potentially capable figureheads; however, March Aries are perhaps the best at it!

This version of Aries isn't afraid of anything and will head into the unknown ready. As a result, they aren't the best level-headed decision-makers.

April Aries Attract Success

Aris is one of the fire zodiac signs; hence, they always have a warm, jubilant, and reassuring presence. But around half of the April Aries and the ones born during the last days of March are the second decan Aries. This means that their decal planetary co-ruler is the Sun, and it provides them with a stronger desire for success. As a result, it arouses much more vigilance in them than the March Aries.

Since the Sun is at the center of our solar system, the April Aries cannot help themselves and attract the spotlight, strutting their stuff no matter where they are.

Competitiveness is the Heart and Soul of March Aries

As discussed above, the March Aries' are the first decan Aries. It means they are entirely controlled by the most ambitious planet, Mars, and that influence intensifies their aggressive competitive streak. Even though almost all Aries love the thrill and are constantly fueled by the pleasure it comes from winning, March Aries tend to go beyond, becoming more zealous about winning that trophy.

March Aries can do anything to make sure that they completely dominate their competitors and come out on top, whether they are stepping up the corporate ladder or playing a board game.

Aries zodiac sign.

April Aries are Party Animals

If you know an Aries or two, you will know that this sign loves to have a good time. The impulsive fire sign follows its passions and is always down for a party. However, all the April-born Aries are either second or third decan Aries.

This means they are co-governed either by Jupiter (abundance planet) or the attention-grabbing Sun.

Both these planets provide some happy-go-lucky and extroverted energy to their already bouncy vibe, turning them into party animals.

April Aries love to party, steal the show, and live by the phrase 'go big or go home.


Based on the birth charts placements, all the rams have certain essential Aries qualities; however, they have substantial differences in how they conduct relationships, present themselves, go after their goals, and show emotions. March Aries versus April Aries is an interesting conflict. So make sure you know what Aries you are because that will explain a lot!

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