Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon has all the hallmarks of a strong and action-driven personality. Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, is fun, lively and has a zest for life. They say, ‘Life is for living.’ The Sun provides the identity and how you project into the world. It determines whether you are a glass half full or half empty type of personality. Leo Sun is a fire sign making them a definite glass half full, a go-getter, motivated and goal orientated. They use physical exercise to re-charge.

A Sagittarius thrives on being independent, doing what they want when they want. They are intelligent and have an eye for business. Adventure and risk make them flourish. The Moon, the body and soul behind an identity, reacts together with that deep inner self allowing for interaction between reality and emotional feelings. Whether pleasurable or painful. The Leo in Sun Sagittarius in Moon blend is a truly energising personality. They love to travel, hate to be tied down and are naturally free-spirited, living life to the full.

Leo In Sun Sagittarius in Moon Personality Traits

Leo in Sun Sagittarius in Moon is proactive in life. They love to learn and always look at the positives, never being held back by doom and gloom. A competitive nature can easily become self-centred, priding themselves on their abilities.

They always have something to say, never afraid to express their views which can often get them into trouble. However, they will be humorous with their opinions and will never give them in a mean or bad-natured way. Their humour and fun-loving spirit make them a delight to be around.

As outspoken as they are, their thoughts, feelings and emotions are not readily shared. They prefer to keep a very close handle on anything that makes them feel exposed and vulnerable. In fact, they are very adept at using humour to defect back to a more comfortable theme.

Leo sign and Sun.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon Characteristics in Love

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon will be lavish with their affections and gifts, often making grand gestures. They give in a way they would like to receive. They have a yearning to feel number one. If they feel needed in a relationship, then all goes smoothly. Otherwise, they quickly lose interest in their partner. Commitment is not a problem. Leo in Sun Sagittarius in Moon relishes a relationship with spice, plenty of excitement and variety. However, they need their space and freedom to pursue interests and feel euphoric when a new adventure is in the making.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon Man

A fiercely independent and intelligent man who loves attention and being in charge makes him likely to be his own boss as he won’t want to be held back by anyone.

Ever the optimist, they remain unruffled by people’s opinions. They have faith in humanity, and no matter what is taking place in the world, a Leo in Sun Sagittarius Moon Man maintains hope. He is a brave man with bundles of energy and fantastic stamina, which he uses to his full potential in sport, at work and in his love life. He feels a tremendous responsibility and duty towards those he knows, whether at work or in his family life. He does not shy away from responsibility.

He is a perfectionist and expects nothing less from himself or others. Due to his self-assured nature, he has powerful beliefs and stands steadfast in his convictions. As people fall for his warm, charismatic, and expressive nature, he is quickly forgiven for any faults a Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon Man might possess.

Sagittarius sign and Moon.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon Woman

She is free-spirited with a reputation for being fun, loves a party and feels alive when in the spotlight. Add a few twists and surprises into the mix, and a Leo in Sun Sagittarius Moon Woman embraces the opportunity to make a daunting scenario into a thrilling occasion. If she gets bored, she will fantasise about having love affairs, being in power and setting off on adventures to faraway places.

Full of competence and independence, she is strong and not afraid to express herself. She thrives on a hectic schedule and prioritises efficiently, always putting family first.


Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon is an exciting medley in astrology terms. Always ready to go. Below is a summary of their principal traits.

  • They have an adventurous spirit. They love to travel, explore new places, experience new cultures and meet new people. Travel is in their blood.
  • Forever the optimist, you can depend on them to have a smile on their face and have a laugh.
  • They are infectious. People love to spend time with them, and they are the party's life and soul.
  • Perfectionists and expect the same standards from others.

To know a Leo in Sun Sagittarius in Moon is a privilege.

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