Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon

last updated Dec. 8, 2022
Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon makes for an exciting combination. The Sun is a planet full of energy and soul. Virgo can be methodical with considerable attention to detail. Together, the Sun and Virgo create a stimulating and radiant individual. The Moon governs our minds, determining any typical quirks we might have. The Moon controls our cognitive abilities. Scorpio is known for its assertive and competitive traits. However, Scorpios can be surprisingly intuitive and act on their gut feeling instead of the evidence. Combined, Scorpio Moon can be overpowering and assertive. Preferring things straightforward, they feel vulnerable if they are not in control.

An infusion of Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon brings about a powerful, ambitious, intelligent soul full of determination who is not afraid to criticize.

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Virgo In Sun Scorpio In Moon Personality Traits

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon people are intelligent with a sharp, inquisitive mind. Overall, they are logical thinkers and like to think they are rational. Then suddenly, they will surprise others and be impulsive because they know what they want and will do what it takes. With a strong moon in their psyche, a Scorpio in Moon can loathe unpredictability. With a critical element to their personality, they will let you know they are not approving. Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon people tend to be successful in their careers. They can achieve high positions in the medical world and government agencies and be a thriving business owner.

The combination brings us a dynamic workaholic. They like to analyse every detail right down to the nitty-gritty. Their face is deadpan when negotiating, and it is impossible to interpret their thoughts. The term ‘team-player’ does not spring to mind. They can be dominating when working in a team and readily dismiss other members' ideas.

Virgo in sun.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon Characteristics in Love

The love life of a Virgo in Sun Scorpio in Moon can be turbulent, particularly for the partner. Key aspects of their relationships can include:

  • When in love, they are big-hearted and passionate.
  • Driven by emotion and aiming for perfection, they can quickly forget about reality and live the dream.
  • A Scorpio moon can be over-protective and insecure, which leads to jealousy and becoming possessive of their partner.
  • When a Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon feels insecure, they can turn and be spiteful, extremely critical of their partners and take over the reins to be in control.

A partner to a Virgo in Sun Scorpio in Moon needs to be a remarkable person to dedicate their lives to the relationship living with their passionate, intuitive, nervous and sometimes malicious partner.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon Man

A Virgo Sun is an incredibly intense and passionate man, probably more than all other Virgos. He likes a little bit of drama and takes pleasure in being an enigma. Although not a person easily convinced, he can be trusted once he is on your side. He is loyal and courageous and will come out fighting to protect. A Virgo in Sun Scorpio in Moon man relishes in intimacy and delights in an emotionally intense relationship to the point he revels in being idolized. He does have a more serious, darker side to him and dwells on the negatives in life. In fact, he can be quite sullen, irritable and judgmental. Do not underestimate this man. He will leave a lasting impression in one way or another.

Scorpio in Moon.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

This woman does not have a reputation for being a diva for no reason. With the Moon in Scorpio, she is stunningly gorgeous and oozes sex appeal. She will eat you for breakfast, especially men. She does not mind hurting men and is happy to have a relationship with a married man without thinking if anyone gets hurt. After all, she relishes in a bit of drama. Being a wife is appealing, but putting the idea into practice may be difficult.

Like a Virgo Sun Scorpio Man, she can be cruel when she gets upset or does not get her way. She does not shy away from holding grudges and will be vindictive at the same time. Eagle-eyed, she recognizes flaws in everything or everyone. Surprisingly, a Virgo in Sun Scorpio in Moon woman is perceptive, introverted, and extraordinarily private. She prefers to be secretive about her own life. She is exceptionally expressive and creative and is a talented artist or sculptor.


Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon are resourceful intellectuals who constantly look to expand their knowledge base. They have curious minds and are observant. Analyzing comes easy to them, helping them succeed in their chosen profession. The Sun in Virgo makes them direct and honest, and the Moon in Scorpio is soft and gentle. This combination creates a Virgo in Sun Scorpio in Moon person appear composed on the outside. Whereas on the inside, they are a rollercoaster of emotions.

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