How to Make a Scorpio Man Chase You

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Scorpio man hugging a woman on the beach.

Getting a Scorpio man to chase you can be challenging because he’s a peculiar being and often confuses people with his personality. Mysteriousness is an apt definition of a Scorpio man. If you want to make him chase you, you need to study and understand this trait. Identify his love traits, behavior in a relationship, and the characteristics of his ideal woman.

However, before thinking of how to make a Scorpio man chase you, it’s significant to settle down with the fact that Scorpios are amazing guys capable of providing blissful and colorful romance. He is passionate, lovely, and devoted when in love. He’s the type that plans a romantic evening— or a vacation with a touch of luxury. He just prefers to express his feelings in action. That’s what a girl wants, right? You’d only get to this point with him when he’s interested in you. And it’s not far-fetched because there are tips on how to make him chase you.

This man searching for love may not make advances at you because of fear of getting hurt. Instead, he’d choose to remain in his shell, but you can pull him out with these five tips on how to get a Scorpio man to chase you. Once you make him attracted to you, he’ll shower you with so much love, admiration, and intense passion.

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Understand His Zodiac Sign

A beautiful relationship always starts with getting to know each other. When you know his personality traits, you can easily tell what interests him. Scorpios are ruled by the Pluto and Mars planets, making them passionate, emotional, actionable, fiery, and secretive. He may also be authoritative and rigid in an annoying way. Understanding these traits is a good step to getting his attention because it makes you behave in a way that’s pleasing to him.

Scorpio man sitting in the field with woman.

Way to Pay Attention to What He Finds Attractive to Make a Scorpio Man Think About You

A Scorpio man likes sexy, classy, and intellectual ladies. Someone with whom he can engage in a conversation. An excellent way to make a him chase you is to share his interests. Check out what interests him a lot. Make reasonable contributions while interacting with him and express them with confidence. This will spice up your romantic dates with Scorpio and make your partner always look forward to taking you on romantic outings.

Make an Emotional Connection

If you want to make your Scorpio run after you, you should try to connect with him emotionally. Listen to his feelings and emotions, and he will you for sure.

When you show genuine concern for this guy’s deepest feelings, you’d be scoring some good points making him chase you.

Scorpio man dancing with woman at the house.

Build Trust with Him to Make Scorpio Chasing You

If you can get this man to become vulnerable with you, you can have him chase you with his heart and soul. However, keep in mind that he’s not the one to open up easily or share his secrets — but the beautiful thing about him is that he becomes an open book if he’s comfortable with you. So, when dealing with this dude, make him feel comfortable around you, show him that you’re trustworthy, and he will trust you with his deepest desires, thoughts, and feelings.

Be Honest with Your Feelings

A Scorpio partner can be annoyed when chasing a lady, especially when she’s playing hard-to-get. It’s a complete turn-off for most guys when you try to play mind games, no matter how patient he is or what his zodiac sign says. So, if you want a Scorpio man to chase you, be completely honest with your interests and feelings. Don’t send confusing signals as this will only drive him further away from you. Don’t also pretend to be inaccessible when you want to hang out and have some fun. Show that you have dignity and other interesting things to do. Most importantly, don’t be too easy to get — It doesn’t look sexy!

Scorpio man fixes a woman's hair.


As mysterious and rigid as your ideal Scorpio can be, you can make him chase you when you know the right buttons to use. Trying to understand his personality traits firstly and what drives his fantasy are all the required steps. Then make yourself the center of his attraction. With trust, honesty, and genuine interest, you would make a true Scorpio man chase you and even obsess about you. Be patient and allow him some time to take the ride without scaring him away.

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