Aquarius Sun Libra Moon

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Aquarius Sun Libra Moon.

Those born with Aquarius in the sun and Libra in the moon are free-spirited kind people who are also smart and witty. Aquarius brings the imagination and independence to the person while the Libra acts to balance the extremes of the Aquarius. These people are intelligent but also have a sensitive side and are able to easily chat and spend time with others. Romantic relationships are a challenge for people who are Aquarius/Libra, and they often struggle to form deep committed connections with a potential partner.

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Personality Traits

The Aquarius is an air sign, and these people are sometimes viewed as eccentric. They don’t like to conform but they do make up their own minds about life. An Aquarian is not easily swayed from their decision or opinion, and they won’t simply follow what is in fashion or trendy.

They do have a stubborn streak that people may find exasperating but a big positive of this sign is that they are very concerned about their fellow humans. The humanitarian side of Aquarius means they often become concerned and involved in causes to uplift the downtrodden in society. They are independent thinkers who are quite open-minded and free-spirited. They are friendly and kind people who get along well with others. The optimism and cheerfulness of Aquarians make them fun to hang out with. These are also imaginative people who are clever. This combined with their intelligence makes them good friends and coworkers.

Aquarius zodiac and Sun.

The Influence of The Libra Moon

The Libra moon brings balance to Aquarius, making the independent Aquarians more extroverted and friendly. It also helps to calm down the rather rebellious traits of an Aquarius. Remember an Aquarius decides on their own about issues and won’t just go with the normal conventional way of doing things.

Libra also brings more romantic passion to the otherwise detached Aquarius. The combination of Aquarius/Libra is a good one because these people are balanced, amiable, intelligent, and love to socialize. The Libra influence also helps them to interact well with others. At the same time, the Aquarius traits ensure this individual is also very empathetic and has a concern for others.

Aquarius Sun Libra Moon Characteristics in Love

The Aquarius sun and Libra moon combination make these people rather strong-willed. This can be a big challenge for romantic relationships, but the Libra moon does help increase the passion in the relationship. Those with the Aquarius/Libra traits are also not always aware of their own needs, which can become an issue in the relationship and can lead to frustration.

They are rather unconventional people who are often very physically attractive. They attract others easily because of their good looks and affable nature, but they can be difficult at times because of their obstinacy and independence. They may not be very stable when it comes to romantic relationships.

However, the Libra trait helps make these individuals more sensitive than they otherwise would be, and it does provide some balance to the unconventional ways of Aquarius.

Aquarius Sun and Libra Moon.

Aquarius Sun Libra Moon Man

While handsome, the Aquarius sun Libra moon man tends to not easily commit to a deep or meaningful relationship.

  • He is a charmer but may only seek quick temporary relationships with a woman.
  • The Aquarius/Libra man may flit from one partner to another without being serious about any one person.
  • This man is clever and engages well with others.
  • He is a strong character who does get on with others.
  • This man is fun and has a great sense of humor, that is a bonus for those who work with him.
  • The man with Aquarius sun and Libra moon in their astrological chart tends to excel most when they take up professions such as the arts or else sales.
  • This man can become easily bored and needs a job with some creativity and freedom.

Aquarius Sun Libra Moon Woman

This woman is kind and often has many friends from all walks of life. She is attentive and cares about people but when it comes to romance the relationships may not last.

  • She can fall for someone quickly but can change her mind just as quickly.
  • Long-term commitments may be a problem.
  • The Aquarius sun Libra moon woman is a good, hard-working person.
  • This woman is congenial and is usually well-liked by her coworkers.
  • She is smart and competent and easy to talk to and get along with.
  • She can also be very persuasive, that works well if she enters into the sales profession.

Libra zodiac and Moon.


The Aquarius sun and Libra moon are an intriguing combination. People with this blend of signs are cheerful and friendly, creative and imaginative but also independent thinkers. The Aquarius/Libra individuals are able to easily mix with other people and perform well in sales or creative endeavors, but they may not easily form committed relationships.

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