Neptune in 2nd House

last updated Dec. 8, 2022
Neptune In 2nd House.

Neptune isn’t one of the best planets. This planet brings chaos and confusion, so Neptune in the 2nd house isn’t going to be pleasant either. However, people that are born in Neptune 2nd house are not all bad. Some positive traits make them unique. Learn more about Neptune in 2nd house, their natal behavior, appearance, synastry, and marriage in this article.

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Neptune in the 2nd House Natal

The Natal chart of Neptune in second house is characterized by chaos, confusion, and deception especially in areas about material security and finances. That’s why when it comes to money, it is difficult to trust a person born within Neptune in the second house. Though this can also mean that people within this planet house are determined to be rich through legal and honest means, it's not a very common trait. Most people within Neptune 2nd house are addicted to spending, gamblers, or engaged in illegal activities. They are also art appreciators, and that's why they can spend recklessly on pieces of art, a book, a movie, or music.

Neptune sign.

Neptune in the 2nd House Synastry

It is somewhat difficult to notice a Neptune in second house synastry. When their dark side begins to show, they can become sneaky and deceptive. They are also cunning and can be dishonest. Though after a long time, you can detect that a Neptune in 2nd house is not being straightforward with you. However, much damage would have been done by then. They can make you act against your belief without your knowledge and they are not very patient either. In summary, there are mostly people with dubious traits and unethical behavior.

Neptune in the 2nd House Appearance

At the first sight, they seem uncertain, insecure, unstable, ambiguous, and cunning but when you do get on their good side (away from the money weakness), they are calm, appreciative, imaginative, generous, natural, and practical. They are known as the house of possessions because they love to have things. This can make them also seem like goal-oriented people. They want to be successful and they are ready to do all it takes to have what they want. At work, they can be irrational and too generous that they can’t seem to do well in management departments.

Neptune in the 2nd House Woman

The Neptune in 2nd house woman is artistic, generous, and responsible. She sets ambitions for herself and does everything to reach those ambitions. She might not be good when dealing with difficult situations because she is highly uncertain, but she is persevering and doesn’t give up. The Neptune 2nd house woman is also more withdrawn to herself and she seeks spiritual oneness with herself. That’s why a lot of them go into yoga and other meditational practices. She also makes sure that she thinks things through before doing them due to her weakness in financial and material possessions. This makes her more responsible and fit to manage a home.

Neptune planet.

Neptune in the 2nd House Man

The Neptune in second house man is filled with overwhelming passion and one-of-a-kind intensity. He is more of a romantic in the relationship as he is willing to give all he has into any sort of relationship including friendship. He is both professional and casual in his dealings. He knows how to balance the different aspects of life as he drives towards his financial goal. A Neptune in the second house man is usually wealthy or has plans that will make him successful in a year or two. He would also give back to you what he gets and don’t be fooled. He can be the opposite of a gentleman if need be.

Neptune in the 2nd house Marriage

If you have a partner that’s born in the Neptune 2nd house, he or she would inspire and assist you to reach your goals. They are very compassionate and understanding. But even better, they cannot be distracted. So, if they truly love you, they are the most loyal ones in the relationship. Also, since they are not perfect, prepare for some heated sessions of arguments with a Neptune in the second house partner. Finally, don’t expect the same thing from two natives. One might be locked in, loves the suburbs, and is more reserved while the other can crave the wildlife with bubbling city lights and non-stop noise.

Neptune in the 2nd house Transit

Neptune in the 2nd house brings negative vibes that relate to material possessions and finances. That’s why natives of Neptune in the 2nd house are very gullible when it comes to the topic of money and that’s why they are more likely to fall for con artists and scammers. But the planet also travels with some good traits that make people in the Neptune transit 2nd house lovers of people, charity givers, and donators.

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