Aquarius Man in Bed

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Aquarius man kissing a woman in Bed.

There are all kinds of common characteristics for various star signs when it comes to how they perform between the sheets. And in terms of an Aquarius man in bed, the same is true. Studies have shown many common traits and characteristics when it comes to Aquarius guys in bed. Some of these characteristics may appeal to you, and some may be quite off-putting. Then again, it's not like they can help it — it’s just part of their overall makeup when it comes to sex.

All-star signs are different, of course, but understanding what makes an Aquarius man in bed tick can help you to know what to expect.

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Aquarius Man Sex Typical Traits

As stated above, there are several consistent traits that researchers have found when it comes to Aquarius guys in bed. To keep things short and to the point, we have run through three of the more common traits right here:

Aquarius Man in Bed Are Experimental

Believe it or not, men with this zodiac are generally very experimental in the bedroom. They are happy to try things for the first time. And studies have shown that regular positions or activities can quickly become boring for them. Therefore, it's important to switch things up to keep them entertained.

Aquarius man experiment with wonan in bed.


Perhaps the most standout trait of them all is the fact that an Aquarius man in bed likes to take control. This may seem strange given that they are also very experimental. However, while they are cool with new ideas, they like to be in charge of them. So, for that reason, it is commonly agreed that Aquarius individuals like to engage with a more submissive partner.

This makes them feel more powerful, and it does seem to be a huge turn-on as well.

Attracted By More Obscure Ideas with Aquarius Man in Bed

We've mentioned that these men are perfectly open to being a bit more experimental. This can cover a range of different things, of course. But another interesting finding is that they are obsessed with some of the more obscure sexual acts and ideas. This can include things such as bondage, sex in obscure locations, and other things too.

Positive Things About an Aquarius Man in Bed

There are several positive things about Aquarius guys in bed. And to ensure that you have an accurate picture of what these are, we have listed them here:

Aquarius man with woman on the beach.

Aquarius Man Happy To Take Control

This is closely tied in with the dominating characteristic mentioned earlier. He is more than happy to take charge when it comes to sex. He is perfectly fine with initiating the action, and he prefers to control how things develop also. This is great for those who might be shyer in the bedroom.

Open To Fresh Ideas

It is a commonly accepted idea that new things need to be tried if sex is to remain interesting and entertaining. So, the fact that Aquarius guys in bed are perfectly happy with this means that they are likely to have a better sex life in the long term.

Negative Things

On the flip side of the coin, while there are positive things about an Aquarius man in bed, there are also negative things:

Dominating Characteristic Can and Does Clash

Although we have highlighted their willingness to dominate as a positive, it could also be viewed as a negative depending on the partner. This could be viewed as a negative trait in two different ways. Firstly, if the partner is also turned on by dominating, then this would prove to be a clash, and neither partner would be 100% satisfied. Secondly, the dominating characteristic can sometimes evolve into aggression, whether it is meant as such or not.

Aquarius man talking with woman in bed.

Aquarius Man in Bed Not Ideal for Those Less Adventurous

As you have seen time and time again here, when it comes to sex, they are all about trying new things. Again, this could be the complete opposite of what other people are into. Some people prefer a more predictable and more conservative style of sex, which doesn't particularly suit the Aquarius man in bed.


We hope that the information shown above has helped you to understand what to expect regarding Aquarius guys in bed. Of course, each individual will be different, although the traits we have mentioned do seem to be common with all guys from this star sign. And don't forget, we have plenty of other information on our site pertaining to star signs and what sexual activities to expect from them. So do check these out when you get the chance.

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