Pluto in 7th House

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Pluto in 7th house.

When there’s concealed uncertainty and conflicts in relating with people in a relationship or partnership, it depicts the placement of Pluto in the 7th House. In this house, there’s a certain uneasiness in connecting with people alongside a desire for intimate relationships. However, the fear of losing oneself in the process keeps prompting so many struggles.

Do you want to find out the behavioral traits associated with Pluto in 7th house natives? So, don`t leave the page and keep reading.

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Pluto In The 7th House Natal

Ruled by the Libra zodiac sign, the seventh house Pluto is characterized by being overly protective, possessive, and jealous. This makes them appear intense and frightened when in a relationship. People with this house placement in their natal charts are very domineering. They always want to control their relationships – marriage, business, or even platonic ones.

This star location provides a hidden strength and passion for succeeding in a relationship and partnerships. However, this is not without vulnerabilities because as much as they try to control their inner connections, they tend to lose guard and submit to the desires of their partner. 7th house Pluto person draws to people with similar traits that would understand their innate qualities. Although, the power struggles would always interfere with their relationship.

Pluto planet.

Pluto In The 7th House Synastry

It is an important aspect that can help you understand your love and relationship. It shows your values, goals, and objectives, as well as those of your partner, and what could bring the initial attraction and provide a lasting connection.

If Pluto is in the 7th House of your astrology chart, you will struggle with both the desire and fear of connecting with people. You are frightened by intimacy, yet you crave it. When you settle in a relationship, you may become lost in it. Sometimes in the business partnership, you may feel manipulated and taken advantage of.

7th House Pluto Appearance

These natives are affectionate and exhibit intense emotions. But when trying to know them, their distrusting attitude and fear of getting close or being controlled make it difficult, often starting arguments. Yet, despite their conflictual and aggressive nature, they have unique talents and creative instincts. They’re intuitive and have a strong will to succeed.

Pluto planet.

Pluto In 7th House Woman

Despite the strong and authoritative attributes of a Pluto in 7th House woman, she is shy. She could appear dark and gloomy most of the time, but when she chooses to socialize and be all fun, it gives a perspective of a new individual. It’s part of her planet’s trait to easily transform herself to get what she wants – often appearing manipulative. However, she’s not the one to motivate or impress others with her personality. Or one to give up easily, her stubbornness won’t let her, and she’d persevere to make it work.

This woman is stubborn with her desires and commands wealth, success, authority, and admiration. She is attracted to men in power but not those that would make her feel inferior.

This lady with Pluto in this astrology chart can make a good partner in a relationship because she likes keeping it active and loves a partner who can measure up with her sexuality and intellect. Unfortunately, she’s the type who obsesses about her man and often loses herself in a relationship.

Pluto In 7th House Man

Here comes an emotional and simple man with an aura of power and creativity. It’s not surprising to see its representative in the entertainment industry where he’s either a musician, screenwriter, or actor. He’s that charming and creative.

With his charisma and power instincts, he knows how to get people to fall for him. He’s not a lot sociable and may not share his feelings and emotions to his partner. It leads to multiple marriages in a lifetime. Even though this man tends to be simple, he has a authority personality and cannot easily be overridden.

Pluto planet.

Pluto In 7th House Marriage

People born when Pluto is loclocates in 7 th house ates in 7 th are emotional and want happiness, despite the subconscious fear of trusting and being intimate. As a dictators personalities, they are attracted to people in power or with an aura of autocracy. Long-term relationships such as marriage may bring the spark for transformation in them. They tend to discover a new image and personal power, while relating with their spouses. However, because of its unique placement, there’d be a continuous power struggle, especially when a couple shares this characteristic. It would be almost impossible to find a middle ground between them because each one is trying to dominate and feel powerful.

Pluto In 7th House Transit

When Pluto transits the seventh house, there’s a focus on power struggles in relationships. This placement emphasizes the idea of marriage, a good family, loving atmosphere in homes and business locations. However, there’s this subconscious fear among the natives to even make a connection. These individuals should learn to express their emotions freely.

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