Married Virgo Man in Love with Another Woman

last updated Dec. 8, 2022
Married Virgo man cheating.

So many questions are asked online related to whether or not Virgo men are cheaters. Some women have been heartbroken by cheating Virgo husbands while others have had theirs loyal to the core. In a different story, some women are asking why is a Virgo man cheating with me? Because of the many occurrences of male Virgo cheating. However, all these questions are tied to one thing — Virgo men are practicals. In some cases, they might be a cheat, and in a different case, they are the most faithful type of zodiac you’ll ever find. So, what makes the difference? Do Virgo men cheat naturally, or is there a cause for when a Virgo man cheats on his wife or girlfriend? You will find out in this post.

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Virgo Man — Personality

Virgo is the zodiac that is known to be practical, unemotional, and strong morally. The Virgo personality is responsible, trusting, loyal, and highly practical. In a relationship, a Virgo man is very kind, modest, logical, attentive, truthful, meticulous, and a little slow. Though these can have its great and annoying effects, it most definitely doesn’t usually lead to a cheating Virgo man. They take a lot of time before entering into a relationship because they don’t easily fall in love.

Virgo man cheating.

They are more focused on all the other practical things about life like success, wealth, and excitement (or self-fulfillment) than love. So usually, when they get a woman they love, they would prefer to go through a long conversation because that’s what they are good at. They are disciplined, cut off from the emotional part of the world, and they seek more success than a romantic ending to life. That is why many people believe that they can easily turn their backs on love and fall in love with someone else while they are engaged, married, or in a relationship with a woman.

Do Virgo Cheat?

To find a Virgo man cheating is like looking for a needle in a haystack because they are almost the most loyal zodiacs in the world if there’s anything like that. They don’t fall in love easily so when they find the one, they tend to stick to the end. A Virgo man would rather break up the entire relationship when things are going down than cheat and be unfaithful.

Also, they are highly mindful about their health and they try to stay away from health complications as much as possible including sexually-related ones. This means that he would most likely prefer a single partner than to risk his health for pleasure or any form of sexual and romantic temptation.

Finally, they are not overly motivated by sex and sexual pleasures because he is more about responsibility and conscientiousness. So, will a Virgo man cheat? The answer is most likely a big NO!

Virgo husband cheating.

Why Will a Virgo Man Cheat?

But what about the situation where a Virgo man is cheating on his girlfriend or when a married Virgo man is in love with another woman, what happened? The following are some of the reasons you might meet with a cheating Virgo man.

  1. They are bad at emotions: A Virgo man might cheat because he is not so emotional. Think of it this way - they have a super-duper IQ but their EQ is nothing to write home about. A Virgo cheating is a result of his inability to express, perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. So when he cannot understand feelings, relationships will suffer.
  2. They are too kind: Sometimes, the case is not that a Virgo man is cheating, he is being taken advantage of. Some women can be guilt trippers, controlling, demanding, overly emotional, and whiny. This can come off as strange to a Virgo man, and because he is too nice, he can be abused.
  3. They are drawn to intellectually-stimulated females: Though Virgo men don’t have a connection to their emotional side, they have a soft spot for women who are intelligent, logical, - in other words — like them. In this situation, the chances of a married Virgo man in love with another woman will increase.
  4. If he meets with flirty signs: Some zodiac signs are natural flirts and they are good at it. If a Virgo man crosses paths with any of these signs, he will become a cheating Virgo husband/man. Some of these signs are Libra or Leo.


If you find your Virgo man spending less time with you as he usually use to or he isn't as affectionate in his little way, then he is most likely cheating on you. A Virgo man can also become passive-aggressive and distant if he is having an affair with another woman. However, apart from the reasons we mentioned, a Virgo man will naturally not cheat on his woman.

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