Aries Man in Bed

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Aries man kissing with woman in bed.

Sex is a fundamental part of most romantic relationships. If you meet a new man, it won’t be long before you wonder what sex will be like with him or how you can please him. We’ll assume you’re interested in pleasing an Aries man if you’re here.

Some fantastic news for you is that Aries men are among the most passionate. Your sex life with an Aries man will be adventurous and fun, with no dull moments. Remain on this article to get all the information you need about sex with these men.

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What Are Aries Men Like?

Aries is a sign ruled by Mars. Mars is a passionate and actionable planet. It is also a fire sign, and fire signs are notable for their hotness and, well, fieriness.

With all those in mind, you can tell Aries men are strong and self-confident. They ooze attractiveness and have daring charm and a thirst for excitement. They could come across kind of like the Roman god Mars. They’re impulsive, rough, and always in the mood to show off their supremacy.

But what about Aries men and sex?

Woman is submissive with an Aries man.

What Are Aries Men Like in Bed?

This man has little time for foreplay. He dives right into sex with almost animalistic ferocity. Mar’s influence prevents him from letting opportunities slip past him. And we mean opportunities in general. Wherever he can encounter a chance to act, he will take it in the bedroom or outside. He’s a passionate man who enjoys many adventures in the bedroom and the ability to conquer.

You might be worried. “If he doesn’t like foreplay much, will I enjoy the session?” But we must tell you that it’s far from the truth. An Aries man loves to be the best you’ve been with. If you openly communicate that you aren’t satisfied, he would make it his preoccupation to ensure your utmost satisfaction next time.

These zodiac sign representatives also like dominance. They enjoy the back-and-forth of a dom-sub pairing in the bedroom. Being in control turns them on and makes things a little bit more thrilling.

How To Please Your Aries Man in Bed

Pleasing your man is essential in helping him stick around. We all want a partner attuned to our needs and desires who will show us that attention in bed. This section discusses some essential tips to keep your man sated.

Be Eager With Aries Man in Bed

While an Aries man will have sex no matter what, showing him how much you want it can excite him more. It makes things more enjoyable if you’re both enthusiastic. Show your eagerness to experience those sexy moments with him and use that to pique his desire.

Woman kisses an Aries man on bed.

Be Direct

Communicate your wants and desires clearly without any hang-ups. An Aries man appreciates openness and clearness. He wants to know what’s on a woman’s mind and how she likes it. He’s not the kind of man to appreciate flip-flopping or indecision.

Try to Be Submissive With Aries Man

While this isn’t a point that will sit right for everyone, an Aries man loves a submissive woman in the bedroom. As previously mentioned, conquering and being in control excites him. He’ll derive tremendous pleasure from some healthy domination. Try it out and see great results.

Put up a Challenge

He loves the chase. He wants some friction while trying to get to be with a woman, so he loves a challenge. Aries men are drawn to strong and independent women who won’t make things easy for them.

If you’ve got your eye on this zodiac individual, try to make things challenging for him. Don’t make it so easy for him to be with you. Hold your own for a while, and then let the relationship progress.

Stay Open-minded with Aries Man in Bed

Though they don’t have the compulsion to explore deep kinks like Scorpios, they love an audacious romp. They’re ready and willing to have sex everywhere and try new things. Keep that in mind if you’re getting involved with this man. Be willing to join them in their escapades and suggest a few risque deeds of your own.

Aries man with woman diversify their sex life .

Remain Fit

Most Aries are fit and athletic. And they love pretty similar partners. They relish the fun of a partner whose energy level matches theirs. They’d love you to keep up in all aspects of life, from the bedroom to general living.

Match His Drive

Sex is vital for him, which could mean he has a high sex drive. Be prepared to please him by matching his wild drive. An Aries man will get bored if his needs aren’t met and might cheat. In some cases, he might even leave you entirely.

So, if you’re not really into lots of sex, an Aries guy might not be the one for you.


Aries guys in bed make for incredible sex. If you go with them, you’re in for a world of fun and fascination. However, he might not be the one for you if you have a lower sex drive or are more conservative. But if you aren’t, go for it. We hope this article made things easier.

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