May Gemini vs June Gemini

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
May Gemini vs June Gemini.

In the zodiac, Geminis are the third sign. They’re born between May 21 and June 21. As air signs, Gemini are exceptional communicators and intellectuals. They enjoy spreading, analyzing, and synthesizing information. But of the air signs, Gemini is the most mutable. They’re adaptable, flexible, and chatty. They mold themselves to fit in any situation, sharing news and gathering bits of gossip.

Still, Geminis differ from one another. For one, May and June Gemini aren’t the same. Continue reading to find out what that difference is and why.

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Why Is There a Difference Between May and June Gemini?

As a Gemini, you may have met another Gemini and wondered why you’re dissimilar. Naturally, you both share some core personality traits, but certain things about you are different. This difference happens because, in astrology, we consider more than just the sun sign. People can have different moon signs and rising signs within the same sun sign. These extra signs add a new dynamic to their personality and are based on time and place of birth. But one more thing influences the difference; decans.

Gemini constellation.

On the astrological wheel, each sign gets 30 degrees. Decans split those 30 degrees into three parts, leaving ten degrees per decan. And because the sun travels roughly one degree every day, the first third of Gemini season falls in the first decan, the next third in the second decan, and the final third in the last decan. Following this reasoning, May Gemini are born in the first decan and June Gemini in the second and third.

Differences Between May Gemini and June Gemini

Now that we understand why May Gemini and June Gemini might differ, let's discuss the differences.

May Geminis are More Typical Gemini

The typical Gemini you imagine is the May Gemini. Mercury rules the Gemini sign and likewise rules the first decan. The other Gemini are born in the second and third decans and more under the influence of other planets (Venus and Uranus). The effect of these planets affects how these people express Gemini characteristics. Mercury’s influence results in May Gemini being intensely curious, witty, chatty, and vibrantly inclined to gather information. You can think of May Gemini as gossipier and more expressive than June Gemini.

June Gemini Are Friendlier

If you meet a friendship-oriented Gemini who loves fostering relationships, it’s probably a June Gemini. June Geminis are better inclined to create interpersonal relationships with those around them. Their friendliness is a result of the ruling planets Venus and Uranus. Venus is the planet of relationships, while Uranus is the planet of collective-mindedness and friendship.

Gemini sign.

You can find a June Gemini actively attending all social events to spend time with friends and family. They enjoy teamwork, whereas May Gemini prefers to work alone.

May Geminis Are More Adaptable

Besides being the planet of information, Mercury is also the planet of change. And this mutable quality falls on May Gemini. Whichever situation a May Gemini finds themselves, they know how to mold to fit in. They don’t shy away from new information but embrace it and incorporate it into their lives.

June Geminis are More Tactile and Creative

June Geminis enjoy sliding into roles that involve problem-solving. They burn their creative fuel to fix issues and make new things. If they can’t do so, they get stressed and might even become hostile. You can find June Gemini in creative roles, working as journalists, artists, and writers. They love immersing themselves in a task and expressing their feelings with their creations and art.

May Geminis Multitask Better

The twin symbol of Gemini indicates that they’re more likely to talk and think and do more than everyone else. This is true even in multitasking. But though all Gemini can do it, nobody multitasks better than May Gemini. In a situation where there’s much to be done, a May Gemini will be able to face all the tasks better. They can balance multiple things without getting burnt out or getting overwhelmed.

Gemini zodiac sign.

June Geminis are More Averse to Injustice

Like all other air signs, Gemini aren’t quick to display their feelings. They keep things under wraps and stay inert. But this isn’t easy for a Gemini born in June. When you compare June Gemini versus May Gemini, you find that the June ones are more sensitive to injustice. In the face of an unfortunate circumstance, a June Gemini may shed a tear or have powerful and deep feelings about it. And in the end, find ways to act about it. They’re well informed about situations in the world and have unshakeable opinions about power imbalances.


Geminis are playful and curious people. They relish the thrill of finding new passions and interests and improving on them. But these qualities differ slightly based on which month they were born. May Geminis are more communicative and adaptable, while June Geminis are more sensitive and creative.

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