Taurus Man Doesn't Initiate Contact

last updated Dec. 8, 2022
Taurus man doesnt initiate contact.

Getting a Taurus man into a relationship can be quite a hassle. They take things tortoise slow and usually would not text you! That can be exhausting and frustrating when you expect him to make the first move.

What you have failed to realize is; Taurus men do not make decisions without brainstorming. They are not allergic to love as most people conclude. When a Taurus man falls in love, he falls flat.

For that reason, they take their time to determine compatibility before picking their partners. A Taurus man tends to be practical and devoted. He does not do casual relationships but prefers something long-lasting and unconditional. Your Taurus man doesn't initiate contact? Well, the secret to getting a Taurus man to text you is quite simple. Read on to find out the characteristics of a Taurus man and the simple way to get him to call!

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Characteristics Of a Taurus Man

Sometimes, it takes learning about people to understand them. Taurus men have a pattern for their behaviors and knowing them will go a long way in helping you understand why they do not make the first move.

Taurus man.

Check out the characteristics of a Taurus man below:

  • He is an organizer: A Taurus man does not like spontaneity. He schedules everything and follows through with them. There is a fixed time and plan for every single item, event, task, expense, and so forth In a Taurus man's book. That said, a Taurus man is not fond of surprises. They like to prepare for whatever is coming to them.
  • He is stubborn: Naturally, bulls are extremely stubborn. Once a Taurus man concludes on something, it is difficult to convince him. He will not bend unless you can make him see why.
  • He is realistic: A Taurus man does not dwell on fantasy. He prefers to live in the real world and tackle issues head-on. A Taurus man relies on facts rather than rumors. Note that being realistic is not the same as a pessimistic person.
  • He is down to earth: A Taurus man keeps his word always. He does not play games and definitely will not appreciate unfaithful people. He expresses his feelings bluntly.
  • He is patient: A Taurus man takes his time to analyze the outcome of his actions before taking them. So, when you notice that a taurus man doesn’t call yet, his patient character is at play. You would have to be patient with a Taurus man to get them to love.
  • He is confident: A Taurus man trusts his decisions and beliefs. He is certain of his prowess and does not need the approval to know his self-worth.
  • He is calm and relaxed: Bulls are perceived to be aggressive and dangerous. However, that is not completely true. Bulls are territorial. They welcome friends but frown at intruders. Taurus men are calm towards you when they perceive good intentions or indifference.
  • He falls for humor, creativity, and reliability: The Taurus man loves reliable people. It is an essential characteristic that Taurus men look out for in relationships. They appreciate people who do things creatively. Also, when he loves your sense of humor, you may end up with his ring. So, if a taurus man doesn’t initiate contact at first, don’t fret. He is taking his time, and you might still end up with him.

Woman get into conversation with Taurus man.

How To Get a Taurus Man to Initiate Contact with You?

Having read the above characteristics of a Taurus man, you should understand some, if not all of his actions now. That man with the characteristics above does not like impatient lots. He loves to take things slow as a measure to avoid wrong decisions. That might just be the reason a Taurus man doesn't call yet.

To get a Taurus man to contact you, the first thing to do is make the move- Let him know you have feelings towards him. Do not rush, wait for him to reflect on it and decide whether or not he wants you. While waiting, be yourself! No one is asking you to mask your personality. Let him fall for who you are. When you try to fake it, a Taurus man will recognize the pretense. Even if you are a good actor, you will be out of character one day, and your Taurus man is sure to notice.

If you want to move faster, get into conversation with him often and maintain frequent contact with him directly and indirectly. Only ensure that you approach subtly. After a while, step back and wait for him to take action. Do not let it become a habit to text him first. If a Taurus man finds you interesting, he will make an exemption to his rules.


Your Taurus man still isn't texting you after making the first move? Wait a bit, He might just be watching you. Bulls do not like being hurried. They get irritated by things that move too much (You can ask the matador). Make your moves, be patient, and watch him fall if he finds you worthy. And once he falls, get ready to be spoiled with affection.

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