April Taurus vs May Taurus

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
May Taurus vs April Taurus.

Taurus is the bull astrological sign for the birth of people between April 20 to May 20. It is categorized as one of the oldest constellations and people born between the Taurus period have the same core Taurus attributes. Nonetheless, there are some distinctions between May Taurus and April Taurus.

This is because the birth chart contains numerous planets which dictate the personalities and different attributes. That’s why you may find that Taureans may have different approaches regarding relationships, career orientation, how they feel, and life perceptions. Read on to discover more about Taurus, their traits, and the difference between April Taurus vs May Taurus.

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What Is Taurus?

The word Taurus originated from a Latin word meaning “bull.” Such stories about mythical bulls date back to Ancient Greek mythology. It is regarded as a celestial spirit animal well known for enjoying soft life, chilling in serene environments, enjoying good aromas, and enjoying the best that life has to offer. Taureans are governed by Venus; the planet believed to dictate love, money, and beauty.

Taurus is one of the most dominant signs of the zodiac sensual as they are manifested in comfort and luxury. This is because Taureans feel utmost comfort when pampered and receive the best that is being offered. It is believed that Taureans spent most of their day bathing in tubs with plenty of essential oils. They are also to have high value for the dollar and work hard to achieve the greatest rewards.

Whether one is a May Taurus or April Taurus, they are known to be resilient, focused, and ambitious. In addition, they feel contented when saving money and investing. This is because security is highly regarded by Taureans and they highly refrain from anything that is a threat to their security.

Taurus constellation.

Difference Between April and May Taurus

Although May Taurus and April Taurus share numerous common attributes, there are still some notable differences. In this section, we will cover the key differences between April Taurus vs May Taurus related to the earth indicators of the zodiac.

April Taurus

  • Highly Sensual: Despite Taureans being generally sensual, April Taurus is highly sensual. This is because they are the first decan Taureans who have an intense Venusian impact on their attributes and personalities. They have an incredible love for anything that smells, tastes, or feels good such as silky sheets, delicious meals, and other comfy things. April Taureans also indulge themselves in delights of bodily pleasures.
  • Expensive Taste: Taureans love luxury and appreciation, but the April ones have a more insatiable appetite. This is because they cannot resist any form of beauty, and their artistic eye results in them having an expensive taste. Additionally, though they work pretty hard, they only do it for the big rewards that they will receive. This makes them chill and enjoy the finest things that the world has for them.
  • Possess Most of the Taurean Traits: April Taureans are the first decan, while May Taureans are either in the second or third decan. This means that April Taureans receive the first-hand personalities of the Taurus’ ruling planet. On the other hand, May Taureans may have an extra-planetary co-ruler which may influence their personality. That’s why there is a great difference between May Taurus vs April Taurus in terms of loyalty, pleasure-loving, and being grounded.

Taurus sign.

May Taurus

  • Career-Oriented: Taureans are known to harmonize work and play with unprecedented passion. However, May Taureans may share some rulings with Mercury and Saturn, which represents logistics and responsibility, respectively. This makes them be work-oriented than the April Taureans. They have a hard-working vibe which makes them unstoppable when working and achieving their dreams.
  • Less Stubborn: This is one of the greatest weaknesses of Taureans, based on the fact that they are a representation of the headstrong bull. But due to the governance by additional planets, May Taureans are adaptable and flexible. When you compare May Taurus vs April Taurus, May Taureans are more open to change and trying out new things than their counterparts.
  • A Strong Sense of Discipline: Taureans are known to be stable people who do not compromise their security. But May Taureans are more dominant as they are more reliable than the April Taureans. They have a strong sense of discipline and responsibility. Although they still love to relax, they ensure that the most vital things have been accomplished first.

Taurus zodiac sign.

Bottom Line

Taureans are prominent for their love for soft life, beauty, and luxury. However, there are great differences between April and May Taurus. This is highly attributed to the fact that April Taureans are entirely governed by Venus, while May Taureans have additional governance from Mercury and Saturn. That’s why April Taureans tend to have more Taurus traits, are highly sensual, and have an expensive taste. On the other hand, May Taureans are less stubborn, have a strong sense of disciple, and are career-oriented.

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