Pisces Man Cheating

last updated Dec. 8, 2022
Pisces man cheating.

Just to clarify, all men (and women) cheat. It’s not just Pisces men. But there are reasons why Pisces men cheat, and that’s what I’m here to explain. First, the great thing about Pisces men is that they’re romantic and believe in true love. So, if you’re looking for that storybook romance, a Pisces man is a great place to start. No Pisces man is hell-bent on cheating on you, and that’s important to know.

However, many astrologers think that Pisces men are more prone to cheating. Others even think they are the biggest cheaters. So how can this be? And if you’re already with a Pisces man, what can you do about it? You might be thinking your relationship with a Pisces man is destined to fail, but hold on just one minute. It doesn’t have to get to that point.

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How a Pisces Man is Likely to Cheat

In reality, he’s not that likely to cheat. Phew! Now you can breathe. Astrologers believe Pisces men are susceptible to cheating because they often have fantasies, often of the romantic variety. But as you are probably well aware, those fantasies are also what keep a relationship entertaining.

It’s that childlike enthusiasm that keeps things fresh. That’s what makes them dreamers and sparks their curiosity. But eventually, a routine like a long-term relationship can lead to boredom. That’s when things can get tricky. The key is to keep all that passionate energy flowing towards you and your relationship. However, if it falls onto someone else, Pisces men have a way of doing whatever it takes to get what they want.

Pisces man cheating on woman.

Pisces men are also clever at covering their wrong-doings. Honestly has never been their strong suit. So, if they cheat, they’ll do anything in their power to cover their tracks. Even when confronted, they’ll find a way to steer the conversation in another direction. With a Pisces man, you also have to be upfront regarding the seriousness of the relationship you expect to have. If there is any ambiguity whatsoever, he might take that as permission to explore the open seas.

Signs That a Pisces Man is Cheating

It’s not likely to happen, but if things seem weird in the relationship, look for these signs that your Pisces man is cheating:

  • Less time together — Pisces often feel a lot of remorse for their shameful actions. If they’re spending less and less time with you, it could be because they’re trying to avoid those feelings.
  • Telling tale tales — Pisces men have a tend to tell lies. You may be used to the truth being stretched, but if your man’s lies seem suspicious, that might be cause for concern.
  • Unpredictable behavior — A Pisces may be hiding something if it feels like you’re constantly chasing intimacy from him. If he keeps putting off one-on-one time, he might be hiding something.
  • Avoiding emotions — If a Pisces feels like a relationship has run its course, he might come off as mean or even cruel. This could mean he’s trying to drive you away to avoid being the bad guy.
  • Unfaithful accusations — If he’s accusing you of being unfaithful, he’s probably looking for an out. Instead of accepting his own flaws, he wants someone else to take the blame.

Pisces husband cheating.

How to Prevent a Pisces Man from Cheating

Pisces men can create fun for themselves, even in a long-term relationship. They’ll figure out ways to keep things new and romantic. You just have to join them for the ride. They want to enjoy life with you, together! But on the other hand, their carefree and outgoing personality also needs a commander at the wheel. They may not admit or even realize it, but they need you to lead the way and make the plans. But the trick is to make it seem like it was their idea. That’s when you need to play into the Pisces man ego just a little bit.

It’s also important to let your Pisces man enjoy the tough guy persona he emits when he’s out socializing. It’s okay, you know that’s not how he is when he’s alone with you or at home. Just let him have those macho moments because if you try to confront him about how he’s acting, you can make matters worse. But the main thing you can do to prevent a Pisces man from cheating is simple—create an unbreakable bond. Your love is enough for a Pisces man, so show it and show it often. Love is a mutual street—give it and you’ll get it back. It’s usually that easy!

Take Action!

If you’re dating a Pisces guy, congratulations! A healthy relationship with a Pisces man can be a wonderful experience that can last a lifetime. But know what you’re getting yourself into and nurture that bond. Otherwise, he’ll start dreaming of something else, which might turn into someone else.

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