November Sagittarius vs December Sagittarius

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
November Sagittarius VS December Sagittarius.

People who are born between November 22 to December 21 have the star sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius is one of the mutable fire signs of the zodiac, and like all of the signs, it has strengths and weaknesses. While there are some general characteristics, we associate with the sign Sagittarius there is still some variation in personality traits depending on exactly when a person is born, whether in November or December. For instance, there are differences when you compare November versus December Sagittarius. Read on to learn more about how November and December Sagittarius compare.

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Sagittarius Personality Traits

Sagittarius in general is full of energy and spontaneity. They can be a lot of fun to be around because they are lively and have a love of adventure. Hanging out with a Sagittarius can be a very positive experience because they are so fun-loving, entertaining, and lively type of people.

People who are Sagittarius are also smart and chatty, and they can easily carry on a good meaningful conversation, making them popular at social events where they can happily mix with a lot of people.

People who have Sagittarius as their star sign tend to be optimistic but are not always tactful. While being honest can be a good thing, it can sometimes get a person into trouble when being tactful is a better option. This is one potential disadvantage of this star sign. Another drawback of Sagittarius, though, is that these people tend to find routine tiresome because they become quickly bored. The impulsivity of Sagittarius can be a negative attribute if it leads to unnecessary risk-taking. A Sagittarius may also appear quite narcissistic to others and should try to avoid only focusing on themselves.

Sagittarius constellattion.

November vs December Sagittarius

There are some differences depending on if a person is a November or December Sagittarius. In other words, when exactly they were born. It is important to understand that a person’s astrological chart is based on more than their sun sign, it also includes the influence and relative positions of the moon and other planets at the time and date of birth.

Each sign of the zodiac can also be divided again into three parts called Decans. Each Decan represents 10 degrees of the 30 degrees of the particular sign. Knowing the Decan, a person was born in is useful because it helps one to understand why the person has the characteristics they have, both positive and negative.

Decans of November Sagittarius and December Sagittarius

  • First Decan – This is the November Sagittarius that extends from late November until 1st December.
  • Second Decan – The first half of December from the 2nd to the 11th of the month.
  • Third Decan – The second half of December that extends until the 21st of the month.

Sagittarius zodiac sign.

November Sagittarius

Those Sagittarius who are born in November are in the first Decan of the sign and show many characteristic features we do typically see with people who are of this star sign. These November Sagittarians were born from November 22 to December 1. They are typically free spirits, easygoing and carefree individuals who can, at times, appear rather self-important and pompous.

We mentioned earlier the importance of planets in influencing the zodiac. In fact, those individuals born in November and who are Sagittarius are ruled by the planet of Jupiter. This confers traits like optimism, adventure, and the carefree nature of those born in the first Decan of Sagittarius.

December Sagittarius

December Sagittarians are people who are born between the 2nd to 22nd of December. Here we have the last two Decans of the star sign. The relevant planet here and influence is Mars. People born in this Decan are blunt and possibly also the most strong-willed type of Sagittarians. They can be dynamic and active people who are often impulsive and spontaneous.

People who are born in Sagittarius in December are adventurous and more likely to take risks than those who are born in November. December Sagittarians may also come across as having strong opinions and being self-assured.

  • Second Decan Sagittarians fall under the influence of Aries as well as Mars. This makes people born during this time more direct in their approach to life. They are also clever individuals who tend to be successful in their chosen profession.
  • Third Decan Sagittarians have a Leo and Mars influence which impacts their characteristics. Leo brings in increased creativity to the personality, making these individuals more inventive than your average Sagittarius.

Sagittarius zodiac.


Sagittarius has many positive qualities and some negative aspects, like all of the zodiac signs. There are some differences between those individuals born in November versus those born in December. By knowing how the Decans differ in Sagittarius it becomes easier to understand why people born under the same star sign can be quite different.

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