September Libra vs October Libra

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
September Libra vs October Libra.

Ever wondered why someone with whom you share the same star sign exhibits characters nearly opposite yours? Well, studies show that sharing the same zodiac sign doesn't necessarily mean you act and feel the same way in all areas. The same can be said for people with the seventh sun sign, Libra.

Libras are born under the air element between late September and late October. They are generally sociable, charming, and honest. However, many observers have concluded that not all the general traits are common in Libras born in September and October. But is that the case?

Are September Libras different from October Libras? If yes, what sets them apart from each other? Find out the characteristics and the big difference between the two types of Libras in this September Libra versus October Libra article. Read on!

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September Libra Characteristics

The theme name for the earlier Librans is "Peacemaker." September Libras are usually intent on restoring a balance between people diplomatically. You will mostly find them trying to settle disagreements most subtly. As they are heavily ruled by Venus's influence, September Libras are more romantic, charming, and level-headed than their October counterparts.

Another fun fact about September Libra is their ability to show genuine affection. They care about their relationship with people and seek to maintain it for a long time. September Libras are the most romantic lot among all other star signs. That is because they are blessed with a generous amount of Venus's love characteristics.

Libra constellation.

October Libra Characteristics

October Libras, unlike those born in September, are driven by logic rather than emotions. They think rationally regardless and are more realistic. Because of that trait, you can depend on them for creative and real solutions. Since Libras are co-ruled by Uranus (community-oriented planet,) October Libras believes in Social Justice. They would do anything from rebelling to legal interference in the society as long as it upholds fairness and equity.

Also, Because October Libras are more inclined towards mercury, the communicative planet, they are social. You will find out that when talking to an October Libra, there is no space to run out of subjects. They are great communicators. And being logical people, expect to not only be entertained but also educated from conversing with October Libras.

Differences Between September Libra and October Libra

Generally, Libras are charismatic, romantic, logical, diplomatic, and great communicators. However, some of the characteristics above are evident in both types of libraries. Check out the traits that set September Libras apart from October Libras below:

Libra sign.

Emotions and logic traits of September Libra and October Libra

September Libras are more loving and emotionally driven. Their feelings override their rational thinking ability. Instead of applying logic, September Libras act rather impulsively. October Libras are at the other end of the scale when it comes to being driven by feelings. They would rather spend the day thinking about the possible outcome of events than decide based on emotions.

That logical trait in October Libras prompts the popular question of whether they are toxic people. Being logical does not necessarily mean your feelings are dead. It just means you prefer to be realistic despite your feelings. Besides, October Libras are also romantic. They just don't let it get in the way of their decision-making, unlike September Libras.


September vs October Libra on diplomacy shows they are both keen on maintaining balance among others. However, September Libras are more concerned about the end which is peace. They resolve situations diplomatically to achieve peace. October Libras are more concerned about fairness. Of course, you should not expect less from someone co-ruled by Uranus and mercury (community-oriented and justice planet).

Although both Libras are keen on restoring balance, one does it diplomatically while the other can be extreme. October Libras do not mind razing a skyscraper as long as it signifies justice.

Libra zodiac sign.

Charisma and communication of September and October Libra

October Libras are better at keeping conversations than their September mates. The early Libras may be more friendly and charming, but October Libras do better at conversations, always presenting an interesting and meaningful perspective on different situations. You would most likely be intrigued by the depth of October Libra's thoughts.


Anyone whose birthday falls between September 23 and October 22 automatically has the Libra zodiac sign. However, there exists an argument as to which month Libras are the real seventh-star sign carriers. Some even say that September Libras are half Virgos since they are closer to them. However, that is not true as all star signs have their personality traits regardless of the period they are born.

Did you enjoy exploring all sides of Libra like us? Now you know why two Libras may exhibit totally opposite characters.

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