How to Attract a Capricorn Man

last updated Dec. 8, 2022
Capricorn man dancing with a woman.

Capricorns are one of the most difficult zodiac signs to attract or seduce. They tend to be extremely practical, professionally motivated, and focused on status, with little time left over for whimsy or romance. If you want to get a Capricorn man, you’ll have to understand what are Capricorns attracted to physically, what they like, and what they dislike so that you can approach them in a way that will convince them to make time in their schedule for love.

Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn is a planet that demands:

  • Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Structure

This is often interpreted in a negative way by those who hear it, as if Saturn is limiting and restrictive energy, but its role is quite important. It is Saturn that pushes people to persevere in their pursuit of their goals and eventually find success, and without this energy, we might never accomplish anything. As a result, Capricorn people practice excellent self-control, follow the rules of organizations and of society in general, and tend to be very grounded. Attracting a Capricorn man will require you to appreciate and understand his values.

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Method to Attract a Capricorn Man — Have Clear Goals and Passions

Capricorns have strong work ethics and clear goals, and they tend to be successful because of this. Some of the best ways what attracts a Capricorn man are:

  • to show them that you have these same qualities
  • to share your goals and projects with them
  • to demonstrate passion for your career

Woman has eyes contact with a capricorn man.

A Capricorn man wants a partner who has a work ethic that matches his own, because he respects hard work, and a hard-working partner will motivate him to do even better. In an ideal relationship with Capricorn, you can push each other to work even harder on your goals than you would alone, and you can find great success together.

Having clear professional and personal goals are also significant for attracting a Capricorn man, as Capricorns value social and professional status. The fact that you have a successful career, and are pursuing even greater heights will attract a Capricorn just as much as the fact that you are a highly motivated person.

Laziness and complacency are instant turn-offs for a Capricorn. They believe that hard work in a career you are passionate for is what life is all about, and if you can’t agree on that, then they will have little interest in you as a partner.

Support His Professional Aspirations

Because Capricorns are so work-oriented, it’s critical to be supportive of their professional aspirations. You have to understand that career is going to take precedence over romance, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship, and that they may have relatively little free time. If a Capricorn man is often unavailable, it’s not because he is disinterested in you, but rather he keeps himself so busy working on his professional goals.

Try to appreciate the fact that you have limited time to spend together and, instead of being upset by this, make the most of the time that you do have. Enjoy every moment you spend together, without anything else getting in the way. You can even use work to bring you closer together; share your professional aspirations with him, as well, so that you can support and encourage each other in your respective goals.

Woman hugging a capricorn man in the forest.

Be Patient and Respectful to Attract a Capricorn

It’s not an easy or fast process to get a Capricorn man, and it will require a good deal of patience on your part. It may take time to convince him to think about romance, and since you may not be able to be together very often or for very long, it may also take time to build a relationship into something meaningful. Capricorns are strong and reliable partners, however, so it will be worth it in the end if you do put in the time, effort, and understanding. The patience that you build in attracting a Capricorn will benefit you throughout the rest of the relationship.

Respect is also significant for these males. They want respect from the world at large, hence the importance they place on status and success, but they also want it from their partner. They want to see you respect their career and feel proud of them when they make progress or find success with something. If you show them these things, they will respond in kind by supporting, respecting, and encouraging all of your own goals. They will always want to see you succeed, and when you do, they will feel incredibly proud of you. This is part of what makes a relationship with the Capricorns so rewarding.

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