October Scorpio vs November Scorpio

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
October Scorpio VS November Scorpio.

Scorpios are strong, independent individuals that radiate charisma. And yet, despite all that power, the secretive Scorpio is often shrouded in mystery. What makes them even more mysterious is that no two Scorpios are the same. When it comes to the differences between an October Scorpio and November Scorpio, many believe the two present completely different portrayals of the zodiac sign. This is because more influences contribute to a person's birth chart than just their star sign. Factors such as their moon, planetary alignments, and rising zodiac signs impact a person's personality traits.

So, while most people born between October 23 and November 21 will share many of the same core qualities of the Scorpio, they can also be vastly different in the way they conduct themselves and approach things such as relationships, their ambitions, and their emotions. But to understand the differences between an October vs November Scorpio, we first need to understand the astrological influences that define the zodiac sign in the first place.

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Traditional Traits of the Scorpio

Scorpios are a water sign. This means they are deep, sensitive individuals that possess a great intuition of their own emotions and those of others. As a result, a Scorpio is often a caring person, easily drawing others to them. However, despite their ability to connect to others, Scorpios are often very secretive and closed off to others. Nevertheless, once a Scorpio takes a person into their confidence, they will form lasting relationships that they are not inclined to let go of.

Additionally, Scorpios are a Fixed Zodiac Sign, meaning that they are the "doers" of the star signs. Scorpios are never one to stand idly by. They assess where their abilities are of the most useful, and they apply their talents to the benefit of those around them. However, when it comes to the October Scorpio versus November Scorpio, the difference in how they act is determined by the unique strengths and weaknesses each offers. These strengths and weaknesses are primarily determined by the astrological variation that occurs throughout the longevity of the star sign itself.

Scorpio constellation.

Decans of the Scorpio

As we know, each sign comprises 30 degrees of the zodiac wheel. And, since the Sun shifts approximately one degree per day, each sign lasts for about a month and is defined by its ruling planets. However, many astrological changes occur within each star sign, resulting in varying birth charts in individuals of the same sign. These changes are best explained through the astrological concept of star sign decans. Accordingly, each star sign is divided into three subgroups, each comprising 10 degrees of the zodiac. When it comes to the 8th sign of the zodiac, members of the first decan are primarily October Scorpios, and November Scorpios make up the second and third decans. But, what does this mean for the astrological compositions of an October Scorpio vs November Scorpio?

Well, Scorpios are ruled by the Planet of Transformation, Pluto. This is true whether you are an October Scorpio or November Scorpio. The difference is that during the first decan of the sign, Scorpios are ruled by Pluto and only Pluto. On the other hand, November Scorpios are primarily second and third decan and therefore are co-ruled by Neptune and the Moon, respectively. As a result, November Scorpios will possess the same compassionate energy as their October-born counterparts but also have traits more common in Pisces or Cancer.

Scorpio zodiac sign.

Qualities of the October Scorpio

As the only decan solely ruled by powerful Pluto, October Scorpios embody the traditional understanding of the zodiac sign. They are intense, emotional individuals with a deep drive to acquire the world's truths, and they will go to the lengths of the world to acquire those truths. October Scorpios will push themselves to extremes as they delve deep into the far-reaching depths of the human psyche and beyond. However, the October Scorpio's extreme desires also mean they are highly competitive individuals. They can often become highly possessive and even jealous if they don't achieve their goals.

Qualities of the November Scorpio

Conversely, November Scorpios have their extreme truth-seeking natures balanced out by their co-ruling planets. Neptune and the Moon bring mystical energy to the second and third decan, and as a result, November Scorpio's tend to be more spiritually attuned to their innate psychic powers. Nevertheless, this isn't the only difference between an October vs November Scorpio. Since the Moon is the sentimental planet associated with our moods, November Scorpios ruled by it are even more affected by their heightened emotions. Similarly, Neptune is the planet of illusions, casting a shroud over those it rules. So, while Scorpio's are already mysterious entities, November Scorpio's are even more so.

Blue Scorpio sign.


Scorpios are innately emotional, truth-seeking individuals shrouded in mystery. However, the strengths and weaknesses of the star sign differ between those born in October vs November. The primary difference between the two is that November Scorpios possesses an extreme emotional range while October Scorpios are dictated by their need to acquire a deep understanding of the world.

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