How Does a Capricorn Man Test a Woman?

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Capricorn man test a woman.

What a Capricorn Man Is Like? Capricorn men are incredibly hardworking, independent, and practical individuals. They are very career-driven and protective of their financial and emotional security which sometimes makes them come across as cold, uncompassionate, and detached. But behind their uncaring attitude hides a raw and sensitive heart. They are often conservative and restrained and only show their fun and wild side to people they are close with. They are reliable and approach every situation with a level-headed mind.

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What A Capricorn Man Looks for In a Woman

A Capricorn man takes relationships very seriously and doesn’t make haste while choosing a partner. They like intelligent, hardworking women who have a strong work ethic. They prefer women who are independent and can think for themselves. Capricorn men do not like to play around, therefore, they appreciate women who are honest and open about their feelings. They want a woman who maintains a composed and classy appearance. These men require someone who is reliable and can undertake the right efforts to take care of their emotions.

A Capricorn man hugging a woman.

Will A Capricorn Man Test You?

Does a Capricorn man test a woman? It's natural for every human being to make sure whether they are compatible with the person they are pursuing. A Capricorn man isn’t an exception to this rule. These individuals are very guarded when it comes to relationships and it's really hard to break down their emotional walls.

They tend to test their partner to make sure they are the perfect match for them before they wholeheartedly commit to a relationship and get emotionally attached. They observe how the other person reacts to their tests and base their decision on that.

Ways In Which a Capricorn Man Might Test a Woman

Now how does a Capricorn man test you? Following are some of the signs that show that they might be testing you.

He Prioritizes Work Over You

Capricorn men are workaholics and always put their work first. They will sometimes prioritize their work as an excuse to test you and ensure whether you can handle their ambitious nature and love for their work. A successful career is very important to a Capricorn man and they want a partner who is willing to support him in achieving his long-term goals.

A Capricorn man and a woman in the park.

Tests Your Independence

These men prefer women who can keep up with them. Before committing they will test your independence and self-sufficiency especially when it comes to finances. They take a step back and observe whether you can make decisions for yourself and how you handle tough situations. They want to make sure that you can function perfectly in their absence and take care of yourself without their help.

Takes Longer in Going Over Decisions

A Capricorn man tends to take his time when making decisions and doesn’t like to be rushed, especially regarding things he really cares about. They use this as an opportunity to test out your irritability and your patience as a person. They might purposely take longer than usual to make decisions regarding important matters just to see how you would react and if you have the patience to move at their pace.

He Shows Vulnerability

Emotions don’t come easily to these men, although, they tend to be quite vulnerable once committed in relationships. They want a partner with whom they can share their deepest secrets without the fear of judgment. But before any of that, they might test you with smaller secrets and vulnerabilities. They also observe whether you regularly bring them up in conversations or if you might exploit their weaknesses in the future.

A Capricorn man kisses a woman.

He Tests Your Loyalty

These men value a loyal partner over everything else. They want to be with someone they can trust, and to reassure themselves, they tend to come up with subtle and indirect ways to test out their faithfulness.

They might ask you about your past relationships just to see whether you’re honest about them. He may also randomly pop in on you to make sure if you’re doing what you said you were or even ask around about how you behave when he’s not around.


Capricorn is considered the most romantic sign among all the zodiacs and probably the most vulnerable among them all. To protect themselves, they build high walls around their hearts and put on a cold and uncaring persona. They are cautious regarding every aspect of their life, especially relationships. They tend to test you, not because they want to hurt you, but to ensure that you are the one for them. So, if you think he is worth the effort, you might have to put up with a few of his tests to secure a place in his life.

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