Neptune in 3rd House

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Neptune in 3rd house.

Neptune is the planet of mysticism, intuition, and even psychic ability. Neptune in the 3rd house is traditionally a very favourable position to have Neptune. But having Neptune here is not always ideal or perfect. And many times, there are things that we need to overlook so that we can actualize our full potential and real inner power and live with an open heart and accept who we are.

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Neptune In The 3rd House Natal

In the natal chart, the third house explains communication with other people and concentration. People born in Neptune in the third house are often led by their intuition. They know things without knowing why they know them.

They can either concentrate completely or not concentrate at all. Softness and passiveness are characteristics of a natal Neptune in the third house. People born Neptune in the third house try to understand everyone, even if it means sacrificing what they were hoping to gain from the interaction.

They are endearing, sincere, and generous. These characters, however, can make them self-conscious, insecure, and sensitive to the influence of people around them. This often makes them fall prey to deception quite easily.

Neptune in the 3rd house.

Neptune In The 3rd House Synastry

Neptune in the 3rd house is generally considered positive. Still, when it comes to the issue of trust, Neptune in the third house encourages dishonesty, so you have to take utmost scrutiny while dealing with them. Neptune in the 3rd house sees the world in vibrant and often overwhelming colors, often experiencing the emotions of others as if they were their own.

Neptune In The 3rd House Appearance

People with Neptune in the third house of their astrology chart are here to help. They are often more concerned with justice and freedom than material wealth. They also tend to be dreamers and inspired visionaries who can view the world as it could be rather than how it is.

They have a deep passion for music and art and a talent for bringing others together. People born in Neptune in the third house are very creative and have skills in the visual arts such as sculpting, illustration art, or painting.

Neptune In The 3rd House Woman

Women with Neptune in the third house are characterized by a strong passion for humanity, promotion of justice, faith in a better tomorrow, and profound humanitarian feelings. They generally consider life a struggle between good and evil, but they don't despair even if they seem disappointed because they never give up hope. A Neptune in the third house woman is very intuitive and frequently undergoes mystical phases.

Neptune in the third house gives a woman a friendly, nurturing, and protective nature towards her children. Under the influence of Neptune, it is not surprising that she would adopt abandoned or homeless children.

Neptune in the 3rd house.

Neptune In The 3rd House Man

Men born in Neptune in the third house have a private life. These men like to spend time by themselves because they can completely withdraw themselves from the outer world. They tend to love music, arts, and fancy relationships. A Neptune in the third house, like their female counterparts, has very keen intuition and insight. Their mind is compassionate. Hence there is an excellent possibility of suffering from a nervous breakdown at some point in their lives.

They are intelligent in different fields, though they are not always successful in life. This can be because of their weak self-belief or lack of confidence in their abilities.

The men born during Neptune in the third house may have poor eyesight, but they never use glasses; even then, they often suffer from eye diseases due to excessive reading or computer usage.

Neptune In The 3rd House Marriage

Neptune in the third house tends to bring problems in love and marriage. At the same time, Neptune is one of the most beautiful planets, which binds people emotionally. Still, it also makes them prone to having a romantic approach toward love and marriage.

Neptune, in the third house, people might find themselves surrounded by dreams and illusions about their partners, which are eventually shattered because they forget that they are humans like themselves with all their imperfections. Neptune, in the 3rd house, people tend to be idealistic and romantic.

They love being surrounded by other people. They like children, animals, and happy occasions. If a Neptune in the 3rd house is your partner, you can be sure that they will always come through for you, even if it means putting their safety at risk.

Neptune in the third house.

Neptune In The 3rd House Transit

Influenced by Neptune's fluid and mutable energy, Neptune in the 3rd house is quick to change their minds. They are less materialistic and more spiritual. They crave freedom, but at the same time, they long for close relationships. These people have a powerful imagination, and often those born in this position have great communicative powers and are good with languages.

They possess a natural empathy for others, with many held in this position having healing and psychic abilities.

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