How to Attract a Leo Man

last updated Dec. 8, 2022
Woman attract a leo man.

Although in today’s scientific world, Astrology remains a pseudoscience that is in a constant state of evaluation. However, people keep developing interests in the zodiac and horoscope interpretations such that they base some decisions like how to choose a love partner on them.

Like the King of the jungle, a Leo man leads the pack of zodiacs. As the sign that dominates the horoscope, a Leo man is the center of interest; and as a natural leader, he draws the attention of many.

A Leo man attracts many, but how to draw leo man attention?

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A Leo man, just like every other person and zodiac sign, has traits that although can be internally defined, they affect their outward expression. Having an in-depth knowledge of these traits is key to knowing how to attract a Leo man.

  • Social and Lively: Leo is the life of the party, rarely seen alone. Being highly energetic, he is fond of dispelling the aura of his presence around the room and stands at the center of people’s attention. That is something he gladly lives for.
  • Egoistic: A warm-hearted individual when his respect is adequately served but with a frail ego that easily gets broken when disrespected. A Leo man thrives in the company of those that inflate his ego.
  • Possessive: Like the King of the Jungle, he is highly territorial. Therefore, he tends to be a jealous lover and can get defensive at any sign of threat. He prefers to be dom in sex.
  • A perfectionist: This individual is well-organized and a good planner that ensures everything runs smoothly. He gives no room for compromise of standards.
  • Majestic: His pride thrives on his majestic appearance and luxurious and sumptuousness lifestyle. He loves having the best quality of all things.
  • Responsible Leadership: A born leader comes with a good sense of responsibility. Opposite to his possessive trait, all his close allies enjoy his protective nature.

Woman and a leo man sitting on the windowsill.

What Attracts A Leo Man

The confident and strong-willed Leo man has main focus that seems to be channeled towards his goals only. Love is not his goal, his ego sets him up to live for something more, since he already has a lot of people that are willfully attracted to him. He doesn’t chase woman as the prize since he sees himself as the prize. Can this wild man then be tamed? Can he be spellbound in the cage of love, with his gaze set upon another individual?

Although, he is proud, that may make him inaccessible. Leo does not enjoy loneliness. Asides from the usually large company his presence commands, he also wants to confidently roar out the woman he finds worthy of his love. It will be wrong to assume that physical appearances and other seductions are just what Leos are attracted to physically.

  • Be exceptional and Independent: Leo men are the sun burning intensely. Therefore, what attracts Leo men must be worthy their time and match his energy. Leos find themselves attracted to someone strong, and willing to exhibit her decisiveness before them. Such a person must also be capable of inflating his ego without having to stay low herself.
  • Be the Best Version of Yourself: Leos do not have time to help fix your damage or insecurities. You have to be the best version of yourself or already close to it before he can find you attractive. His exceptional intuition makes it easy for him to detect your imperfections and insecurities early. By always looking your best, and carrying yourself with confidence, you can get a Leo man. He would not compromise his standards of perfectionism for anyone.
  • Dream Big and Stay Ambitious: Leo has his goals which he is not willing to sacrifice on the table of emotions, and he expects you to have yours too. You can be supportive to him, when he needs it, but primarily beyond that, this man wants you to be a lioness too. You must also be a hunter with your prey in view and well-planned actions in order to attract Leo
  • Be a Mystery for Him to Unravel: A Leo man loves challenges, this is evident in his love for adventures. In the same sense, to attract a Leo man, you have to be more than what meets the eyes. Let his interactions with you keep revealing newer special features about you that keep him awestruck.
  • Be Progressive: Leos are quite energetic and do not love being constrained in the same position. A Leo man is attracted to someone on a parallel line of focus and dreams with him. You can dream independently but be sure that your journey is progressing just like his, as he has no room to contain redundancy.

Woman kissing a leo man in the kitchen.


Being highly sociable, a Leo man is not starving of attention and emotions. Many are dying to freely yield theirs to him. He tends to set his goals as his primary focus, thereby making it hard for him to get attracted to another person. However, he has soft spot for an individual that stands out amidst the crowd. You have to be exceptionally different and qualified to command his attention.

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