Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon.

Are you finding a hard time understanding your boss? Do you have questions about your wife, and do you need answers? Or are you simply curious about your horoscope and zodiac personality? Here in this guide, you are about to learn about the personality traits of the Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon native, critical details about romance and how they deal with it as well as the individual behavior of the sign’s man and woman. If this is what you are interested in, keep reading.

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Personality Traits

Aquarius in sun, Sagittarius in moon natives are agile, free-spirited, liberal, cannot be caged, and independent. They love to express themselves with no limitation and on top of that, are determined. This makes them able to do anything they have set their minds to. They are also natural humanitarians, seeking to meet a need and to serve the general mass. Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon natives are also curious, seeking the truth of the matter. Due to this, they are a real boolworms. Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon individuals are studying, and keeping the research until they can acquire enough knowledge to explain the absolute truth.

Very principled and disciplined, they set rules and follow them to the letter. You can never find them bending the rules, and the worst of it all is that they dislike those that are sly and dishonest. Their friends are straightforward and intelligent, just as they are. They also have to be challenging, thinking outside the box to impress an Aquarius in sun, Sagittarius in moon native.

So maybe they are not the most creative people, they express themselves through experiments, the creation of philosophical statements, and political trends. You also might not be able to catch them in the same place twice since they love to travel around. They have a negative trait though. In as much as they are adventurous and free-spirited, they are highly indecisive – unable to concentrate and finish a project before moving to another part. They are also too curious and cannot handle a routine lifestyle, else, they’ll explode.

Aquarius sign in Sun.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon Characteristics in Love

In a relationship, the Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon native understands that the subject of love is a ‘give and take’ situation. They treasure and value whatever they receive in a relationship (friendship or romantic) and give back what they can in equal or double measure. However, all their relationships have to begin as friends. This is because the average Aquarius in sun Sagittarius in moon born handles friendship and romantic relationships in like fashion. Though there are some differences, they don’t necessarily bolden the line between the two.

Nevertheless, you can find them cheating or breaking the rules. They are faithful lovers with a strong respect for their significant other. To be their partner, you would also have to reciprocate the respect, giving them the allowance to travel the world. Don’t get too emotional with them because they are more logical than emotional. Then don’t expect them to have date nights at home or watch the kids during the weekends because these signs don’t sit down one bit.

To balance things, their ideal partner also needs to be an adventure seeker, willing to go to new places, meet new people, widen his or her knowledge, and so on. Their ideal partner has to be active, fun, and emotionally detached because obsessive partners can be choking.

Sagittarius sign in Moon.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon Man

The Aquarius in sun Sagittarius in moon man is calm such that even if he is going through a rough road, it won’t affect his plans. An addicted optimist, he stays away from complaints. Some might say it is due to his emotional-detachment but it makes him more in control of his situations.

He isn’t looking for a partner but he is not one to push eligible people away. De facto, he might have much more than one commitment if he gets the chance since he is handsome and charming. He works well with long-distance relationships since that would give him the freedom he needs to explore than when he has to deliver boyfriend duties daily.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon Woman

Just like the man, she is independent and unconstrained in any manner including in her thoughts. She is easy-going and can make as many friends as possible. However, this is just an act as she doesn’t genuinely trust people around her (above or below).

Aquarius Sun and Sagittarius Moon.

When it comes to a man, she is more open-eyed, observing who he is and what his intentions are. Her ideal man needs to acknowledge that she wants space and total honesty. Though she is not drawn by money, it is an advantage since it can be used to pay for her many adventures. A plus is if her man is into philosophy.


To sum up, all that has been said about the Aquarius sun Sagittarius moon natives, they are cerebral, disciplined, and glamorous. But they can also tend to be ill-judging, hostile, and temperamental. If you want to be their ideal partner, you have to allow them only one thing – their independence to be free and travel the world. A note of advice, though to these zodiac signs is that in their attempt to plan the future, they should also give heed to the possible consequences to avoid being hurt in the end.

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