Pluto in Leo

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Pluto in Leo.

In astrology, Pluto represents the great principle of transformation. It symbolizes the unconscious, the mysteries of death and life, the creative or destructive impulses, and the profound motivations on which the entire project of our existence depends. It represents death, but also rebirth, secret things, and deep psychoses. Learn about the repercussions of Pluto in Leo in the characteristics of natives.

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What Does Pluto Leo Mean?

The entry of Pluto into Leo marks the advent of an exhibitionist generation. They are courageous, proud, and intolerant of all constraints and rules. Generally, people born with Leo in Pluto, especially if it is dominant in their birth chart, have an intense vitality, great self-confidence, desire to play an important role in all areas of life, and are contempt to danger.

However, you won’t find a hint of lies and falsehood with Pluto Leo because on average, the natives tend to say openly what they think, even the least pleasant things. This is why catastrophe doesn’t live too far from them since some of the things they say can be mistaken for a proud conspiratorial image of themselves.

Pluto and Leo constellation.

The Personality of Pluto in Leo

They are the master of their own lives but they also sometimes feel like the master of the whole world as well. This planet brings them good luck which makes them feel so special (sometimes, more special than everyone else). Since Leo alone is already with the belief that he is the best, the presence of Pluto in the sign magnifies this belief. Pluto in Leo also means great self-confidence, the creation of a strong character to be subjected to others, the desire to assume leadership roles, and so on. Though they are always mistaken for proud people, they are simply bold enough to take charge wherever they are and don’t do too well with second in command positions.

The tendency is to always say what you think, even if it can hurt others, and megalomania is lurking. This means that they don’t cover up their intentions with pleasing and sweet words. This is why they can sometimes be regarded as harsh beings since they usually call things exactly what it is. Courage, thirst for power, and short temper are other qualities that alternate with each other.

Positive Traits of a Pluto Leo Man and Woman

A Pluto in Leo man is very courageous and bold which makes him able to take charge as a man in his family and wherever he finds himself. The Pluto in Leo woman is also very generous and liberal such that she can give out as much as possible to satisfy the needs of others.

Pluto in Leo sign.

These positive traits come in handy in intellectual professions that put the man as a boss, an employer, or a man in charge of certain responsibilities. The woman will also help stimulate economic growth through her generosity. These joint pair have a positive impact on strengthening the spirit of the people that surrounds them as well as encouraging self-confidence.

Negative Traits of a Pluto Leo Man and Woman

Though the Leo in Pluto man is very courageous and can take charge, he has a big tendency to be desperate for power. But a huge thirst for power isn’t the problem. He always considers himself unique, irreplaceable, and, obviously, superior to others. He can also be megalomania, have a short temper, and a violet intolerance which could become an issue. The woman can develop a sense of authority and pride. She is also known to squander money and resources in the name of being generous. Pluto in Leo’s people favor egocentrism, arrogance, and intolerance for the different.

Pluto in Leo Career

Individually, anyone with the Pluto in Leo traits has a flair for business with honors. They are independent with a taste for an elevated job that is susceptible to renewal. Their creativity is expressed above all when they try to impress another person than themselves. In the political sphere, they can be very resourceful which works for the entertainment niche as well.

Pluto and Leo sign.

Pluto in Leo Love

However, as a partner in a relationship, being unable to tell lies makes them both trustworthy in a relationship except that their pure honesty can sometimes produce hurtful words. The planet in a Leo also doubly stimulates the search for the pleasures of the flesh. They have often experienced eroticism as a wave of unstoppable heat, acting without calculations, without filters, and sometimes even without employing the most elementary precautions. This can make them reckless lovers in search of the heat that comes with such company.


The natives of Pluto in Leo retain a fund of naivety and childishness, thanks to the transparent domicile of the Moon in Leo. But the natives don't notice it and this is most likely because they are often too focused on themselves.

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