February Pisces vs March Pisces

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
February Pisces vs March Pisces.

If there is one sign that doesn’t dread being asked: ‘what’s your star sign?’ it is Pisces. That is because the twelfth astrological sign (and the last in the zodiac) is known to be one of the most compassionate and balanced.

The symbol of this zodiac sign is two fish swimming next to each other but in different directions. This is meant to represent the conflict present within Pisceans.

Pisces are those who have their birthdays between the 19th of February and the 20th of March. But, is there a difference between March Pisces and February Pisces? Let’s discuss.

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Primary Characteristics Of Pisces

Here are some of the characteristics that are attributed to Pisceans:

  • They are intensely empathetic
  • They are romantic
  • They are sensitive
  • They are artistic
  • They are compassionate

Pisces constellation.

Why There May Be a Difference Between February and March Pisces

For starters, our birth charts are made up of several different elements, with the sun sign being an integral ingredient in the cosmic makeup of a person.

So, even if everyone’s sun is Pisces, their rising and moon signs can be different. Thus, they may have stereotypical qualities of a Pisces but may have varying ways of expressing their feelings, establishing networks, and chasing milestones.

However, another important concept to take into consideration are zodiac sign decans.

What is a Decan?

In astrology, a decan is split according to degrees. So, for example, there are 30 degrees across the zodiac wheel, and each is further expanded er signs.

Therefore, there are three decans comprising of ten degrees each. And since the sun is moving one degree every day, the first decan Pisceans are born in February, and the second and third ones are born in March.

This is why it matters whether you are a February Pisces or March Pisces. So now, let’s look at the characteristics of February vs. March Pisces.

February Pisces and March Pisces Compare

Though there are many prominent similarities between February Pisces and March Pisces, however, there are also notable differences that one can consider. Let’s explore them in detail:

Sensitivity trait of February Pisces and March Pisces

Neptune only rules Pisceans born in February; therefore, they are a lot more stereotypical than their March contemporaries.

February pisces vs march pisces.

This suggests that they have all the downsides and capabilities typically synonymous with Pisceans, such as sensitivity, otherworldliness, empathy, etc.

In contrast, most Pisces born in March are second or third decan and have a secondary co-ruling planet, significantly influencing their characteristics. So, although Pisces are generally very emotional, March Pisceans are co-ruled mainly by the planet that controls our feelings and are more emotionally fragile.

They are more easily influenced by those around us than their February counterparts. As a result, they have to be careful about the environments they find themselves in.


Pisceans are naturally creative and are great at translating their most profound feelings into different art forms. However, for Pisceans born in February, this is intensified.

Since Neptune is the sole ruler of the first Pisces decan, they tend to be more imaginative than their March counterparts.

Therefore, most February-born Pisceans are more drawn to the arts, whether performance or music.

In contrast, those born in mid-march (the third decan) have Pluto as their co-ruler. And Pluto happens to be known as the power-hungry planet, meaning third decan Pisces is less dreamy than their first and second decan counterparts.

Instead, they are more cutthroat, ambitious, and intense and will assert themselves to get ahead.

Self-expression feature of February and March Pisces

Since Neptune greatly influences February-born Pisceans, they are more reflective than March ones. Because of this, they struggle with establishing boundaries.

Since this zodiac sign is a mutable water sign, Pisceans hate being constrained and prefer going with the flow. So Feb Pisceans don’t like being limited and want to express themselves freely.

On the other hand, March Pisceans don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. Instead, they are known to keep things to themselves a lot more.

Astrology pisces.

Why is this? Because second and third decan Pisces peeps are co-ruled by either Pluto or the moon. These two planets further exacerbate the mysterious aura of Pisceans and make them more secretive than their February counterparts.

It is pretty logical if one thinks about it, as the moon symbolizes privacy and comes out at night, whereas Pluto is the ruler of distant subterranean entities.

As a result of these differences, there are known to be three main types of Pisces:

  • The internalizer
  • The dreamer
  • The healer

So if you have come across one Pisces who is lives in a dream-world absolved of boundaries, and another who internalizes everything and doesn’t express themselves as much, check to see which month they were born in.


You may not have realized before that there is quite a notable difference between February Pisces and March Pisces, but there is. Feb-born Pisceans are more open, free-spirited, and creative than their March counterparts.

On the other hand, Pisceans born in March are much more logical and reserved.

But with that said, Pisceans overall are pretty sensitive, understanding, and compassionate, no matter the month they are born in.

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