Neptune in Scorpio

last updated Dec. 8, 2022
Neptune in Scorpio.

People with the Neptune in Scorpio placing on the natal charts are highly sensitive and curious. They are intriguing lots that love challenges and become easily curious about things beyond logical thinking. Neptune in Scorpio is not afraid of dark secrets and scary revelations. They are usually interested in mysteries and occult sciences — anything that reveals the ultimate truth.

The Neptune in Scorpio personality traits shows that they are not only curious. They ask questions and dream about being the ones to discover the answers. They are driven by that aim and are open to anything that helps their quest.

Neptune in Scorpio believes that change is necessary to attain a certain level of growth. That makes them open-minded about accepting challenges. They value self-development and welcome the process it takes with open arms. They are also driven by their emotions but understand when to switch.

Neptune in Scorpio people are natural adventurers. They derive satisfaction in seeking the origin of things and discovering hidden things, like objects and facts. In short, anything that does not seem logical to them becomes a thing of interest.

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Positive and Negative Traits Of Neptune In Scorpio Woman

Neptune in Scorpio women are intentional, patient, and curious lots. They pay attention to everything going on around them before concluding. Their patient and observant nature assist them in discovering things. A Neptune in Scorpio woman can easily decipher facts from lies and attend to matters diligently. They love wholeheartedly and do not entertain deceptions. Although they are open to change, women with the Neptune Scorpio placing do not like to go against their principles. They will not change who they are to fit in the society. Notwithstanding, Scorpio in Neptune women are bright, productive, and ethical at work.

They do critical analysis before making decisions, from trivial to crucial ones.

The adamant trait of Neptune Scorpio ladies makes people dislike them whenever it moves to the extreme. Friends may also see them as proud because of their matter-of-fact attitude to life. Nobody really likes people who break the rules just because it does not go down well with them.

Neptune and scorpio sign.

Positive and Negative Traits of Neptune in Scorpio Man

Neptune in Scorpio men are adventurers and equally curious. They enjoy making discoveries and solving mysteries. When in love, Neptune Scorpio men put aside their insecurities and focus on making their relationship work. They usually seek and value true love and build connections with people.

Neptune in Scorpio men have a darker personality compared to their female counterparts. They are usually moody, insecure, and pessimistic. They do not like people confronting their beliefs and convictions. They take it to the extreme and are usually difficult to convince. This trait is usually a defense for their vulnerable nature. Deep down, Neptune Scorpio men yearn for deeper connections and love.

Neptune in Scorpio Love

Neptune in Scorpio people usually craves love and real relationships. They are intentional about building honest connections with others and value them. They do not like deceit or pretense in their partners or associates. Neptune in Scorpio people are faithful, loyal, and committed. Their curious nature, however, may affect their relationships. Neptune in Scorpio men are also insecure. Although they love their partners, they find it difficult to trust them. They are usually suspicious of their spouses and business associates, always seeking to make discoveries that confirm their fears.

Neptune in Scorpio people are generally possessive of their partners and become easily jealous. They like to keep their partners close always and dislike sharing their attention. It will take a strong and understanding partner to understand their actions and love them despite their obsessive, curious nature.

Neptune and scorpio constellation.

Neptune in Scorpio Career

A Neptune in Scorpio person can be a great leader, employee, and business partner when in their element. They are driven to find realistic solutions to any problem faced at work. They are energetic, productive, and intelligent. A Neptune in Scorpio woman makes a good leader and manager. They think positively and make rational decisions.

Neptune Scorpio men are also great thinkers, only that they tend to be pessimistic. When they put aside their cynical attitude, Neptune in Scorpio men perform excellently as team members. However, they shouldn't be in the lead as their negative energy may easily influence everyone else.


Neptune in Scorpio people has a great personality. They are curious, intuitive, and honest in their dealings. If the men can work on their pessimistic and insecure sides, they can achieve anything they want and win people over. The Neptune in Scorpio women should also ease up on their strict principles and become more open-minded.

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