August Virgo vs September Virgo

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
August Virgo vs September Virgo.

Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign (August 22 – September 22). Represented by the virgin, Mercury rules this mutable earth sign. Mercury is often linked to critical thinking, precision, and service. And although Mercury also rules Gemini, these two zodiacs are radically unlike. While Gemini is concerned with output and expression, Virgo handles information like a computer as it transforms even the complex disorderly information into organized, clear ideas.

Generally, Virgos take a systematic approach to life and are logical and practical. They come off as kind, supportive, and gentle, using their resourcefulness and intellect to solve problems. All they want is to help! Virgos are loyal, sensible, and practical, making them great partners and friends.

Considering the above, you might be wondering, what about August Virgo vs. September Virgo? We'll give you the intriguing difference between these Virgos shortly. Meanwhile, let's see the positive and negative traits of Virgos.

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Virgo Positive and Negative Traits

On the positive, Virgos are reliable, showing up when you need them. They are responsible people that take responsibilities seriously. Patience is a great virtue for Virgos because they're more tolerant than others and selfless. For instance, Virgos allow others enough time to improve what they do, achieving their goals. Virgos immerse themselves in creativity, and they use a medium such as writing, dance, and art to showcase their work.

What's more, Virgos believe that working hard would help them be successful. That's why they are not afraid to work on a project, irrespective of what it takes. Along with seeing the best in others, Virgos are eternally kind and ready to help others.

Switching to the negatives, some of Virgos' biggest strengths can be points of their weaknesses. Although Virgos are good at their work and are industrious, they're exceedingly subjective and critical when dealing with others. Virgos resist change, making them stubborn and unwilling to learn from others. This can be a setback in their lives. Virgos are deep-thinkers because they continually think too much of doing well and getting things done. The overthinking personality can therefore affect their relationships and emotions. Also, the worrying and deep-thinking aspects of Virgos often see their networks telling them to relax. Typically, lots of small things bother Virgos.

Virgo constellation.

Difference Between August Virgo and September Virgo

Having the same zodiac sign with another person does not imply that you will have a planetary kinship. This is because the zodiac sign varies depending on various factors, including year, month, and even the moment we're born. For this reason, the difference between August and September Virgo exists.

August Virgos

They possess nearly all of Virgos' conservative traits. September Virgos are either 2nd or 3rd decans, meaning they've co-ruling planets that impact how they express their energy. But, Mercury exclusively rules August Virgos, making them have nearly all of Virgos conventional traits. Thus, in August Virgo versus September Virgo comparison, August Virgo expresses the conventional positive and negative qualities linked to Virgo's vitality, including being selfless, exhaustive, and detail-focused.

  • They're more intelligent: Intelligence is the other aspect that depicts the difference between August Virgo and September Virgo. Although Virgos appreciate practicability, August Virgo is more logical and has a rational mind. They are more blessed by Mercury's intelligence and logically focused influence. Thus August Virgos are the most intelligent and logical than the September group. They are undoubtedly good at making detailed plans and articulating their views in a structured way.
  • They make decisions fast: Flexibility is another significant factor to scrutinize August vs. September Virgo. Although Virgos are naturally adaptable, August Virgos are more flexible. Thanks to the ruling planet (Mercury), known for its fast-thinking ability. Hence, they make more sensible decisions faster than the other Virgos.

Virgo sign.

September Virgos

  • They self-criticize: As discussed earlier, Virgos are excessively critical as they expect the most from themselves and want to help other people. However, for September Virgos co-ruled by Saturn, their pursuit for self-improvement is weightier. They self-criticize, particularly if they do not achieve their objectives since they are strong-minded and task-oriented. Therefore, being harder on oneself can distinguish August Virgo and September Virgo.
  • They are materially focused: September Virgos are 2nd or 3rd decans. This means that besides Mercury, these individuals are also ruled by Venus or Saturn. While Venus is known for values, Saturn is a planet of responsibilities, and together, they contribute to September Virgos' money and material-oriented energy. Thus, they use their work principles to create more wealth.
  • They possess an exhaustive sense of elegance: Virgos are sharp-eyed, especially in things involving specifics. Nonetheless, September Virgos, particularly those co-ruled by Venus, are keen on style. They can bring more beauty with their visually perceptive characteristic. And they stylistically express their Virgo feature.

Virgo sign.


Whether you're August Virgo or September Virgo, you have some traits common to the zodiac sign (Virgo). Besides the common qualities, Virgos, born in August and September, can have different ways of expressing themselves, communicating, behaving in relationships, chasing goals, and processing emotions.

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