How Does a Pisces Man Test You?

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Pisces man test his partner.

Is your Pisces man testing you or playing you? Your intuition is likely correct! Read further to determine how a Pisces man may test you based on your Sun or Rising sign. Bonus: At the end of the Article learn about Five Signs a Pisces Man is Playing You!

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How Does a Pisces Man Test Zodiac Signs?


In the case of Aries and Pisces, water and fire create steam, for a romance that can fizzle away like smoke! The Pisces man tests you because he is a lazy, “go with the flow” type person while you’re more ambitious and self-assertive. Your planet is Mars, after all, the planet of action. Further, you’re organized while he hates routines and is much less disciplined. Do opposites attract or will he test you until the relationship ends?

How Does a Pisces Man Test Taurus

Though highly compatible, both signs share a common appreciation for movies, beauty, and the “finer things in life,” a Pisces man may test you. He can become easily clouded by fleeting emotions which will require the earthy, steady Taurus to bring him back to reality often. This can be a lot of pressure for Taurus, with a lot of giving and take on both sides.

Pisces man and Taurus woman.


With this love combination, water and air can create a dense fog, for a hazy, incompatible relationship. Does a Pisces man test you? Surely! Gemini, your free-loving nature is at stake when you become romantically involved with Pisces. Further, you will need to keep confirming your love, as Pisces – who is sensitive and distrustful by nature– will be insecure when observing your highly social and mentally stimulating ways.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

This is traditionally a solid match, but a Pisces man may still test you. Between you, lovers’ quarrels may be common, and you can easily get caught up in negative emotions together. However, it is important to remember to use emotions and intuition to carry each other out of negative places, and focus on things you both enjoy – family, friends, and the finer things in life!

How Does a Pisces Man Test Leo

With his “go with the flow nature,” how will a Pisces man test you? He may be threatened or offended by your strong security and confident temperament dear Leo. If he gets hurt, it may be dangerous to the relationship long-term. As someone who is ruled by the Sun, you have unending self-loving energy just as the sun has never-ending sun rays.

Pisces man and Leo woman.


You two are indeed highly compatible because you are extra sensitive. As a perfectionist, Virgo can provide a good balance to preoccupied, dreamy Pisces. So, how does a Pisces man test you? Since you are both sensitive it can cause a lot of tension. Also, Pisces disorganized, laid-back nature can bother you and your perfectionist tendencies.

How Does a Pisces Man Test Libra

Although seemingly perfect in the beginning, this pair usually does not last. Why? Does a Pisces man test you? Libra is driven by logic and Pisces is driven by emotions. Also, a Pisces man will be more selfish and inconsistent than his Libra counterpart. Because of this, fights may ensue where Pisces believes his counterpart is detached and cold, but Libra feels that Pisces is an unstable, emotional diva!


In this pair, a Pisces man will test you in the bedroom! He is the ruler of sexual weirdness, whereas you are the ruler of sexual experiences or sexual repression (dependent on your upbringing) which can cause discord. Also, Scorpio, you may be extremely harsh on the “laid back” Pisces man. Although opposites may attract this pair initially, Scorpio can become easily over-controlling, and both can become easily distrusting. Sometimes this trust is lacking for a reason! See the end of the article: Signs a Pisces man is playing you.

Pisces man and Scorpio woman.

How Does a Pisces Man Test Sagittarius

Both ruled by Jupiter, they share optimism and a logic-oriented mindset– Jupiter being the planet of knowledge. So, this is a relationship that typically stays platonic, or it is intense and perfect in the beginning due to Pisces romantic nature, but it doesn’t last very long.


How does a Pisces man test you, Capricorn? Pisces is affiliated with the water element and Capricorn is affiliated with the earth element, so this pair can be a challenging one – resulting in mud. Pisces indeed moves as slow as mud at the beginning of the relationship, and towards milestones like marriage, kids, and house. Further, the Pisces man may feel left out or “in the shadows” as the Capricorn woman takes on a lot of the traditionally male roles and the Pisces remains the “follower.” Money will also cause fights since a Capricorn woman wants and works hard for more money whereas Pisces man is happy with less.

How Does a Pisces Man Test Aquarius

Like most neighboring signs, Aquarius and Pisces can be quite opposite and aren’t necessarily the most compatible, unless opposites attract! Regardless, how does a Pisces partner test an Aquarius partner? Aquarius is more impersonal, distant, and logical, while Pisces is more emotional and romantic. So, conflict may be caused by Pisces’ variable and intense emotions and neediness!

Pisces man and Gemini woman.


Pisces, will a Pisces man test you? You will certainly enjoy each other’s company, with your kindhearted, tender, humble personalities. However, Pisces man can still test you! You both may like taking your time, not hurrying into the relationship, but that can get frustrating. Additionally, both highly emotional creatures, you may get into fights over little things. Last, you both tend to be slightly dishonest, putting up a front, which can break trust and challenge the relationship.

4 Signs a Pisces man is playing you

  1. He’s stubborn – Typically a “go with the flow” guy, if he becomes overly stubborn then he is probably not making your needs a priority. Unless you are his priority, it is unlikely for this relationship to last. If a Pisces man is interested in you, he will know everything there is to know about you and accommodate your needs.
  2. He’s hiding you – If he hasn’t introduced you to his friends or family after you’ve been dating for a while or he doesn’t acknowledge you as his significant other on social media, IT’S A RED FLAG. Pisces men will not hide you because they want to hurt you, but the other way around. He doesn’t want to define the relationship on social media and in-person yet because he’s not ready for the commitment.
  3. He’s overly moody – If he’s overly moody, it might be a sign that he’s hiding something; it takes a lot of energy to lie and can result in mood swings. Further, he may cancel plans last minute, showing his inconsistent nature which is connected to his moods. Is this behavior sustainable for you?
  4. He’s overly cold or logical – If he doesn’t answer your questions and remains cold and distant then it’s likely he’s playing you. When a Pisces man is seriously in love, he will do everything to get closer to you and steal your heart. Additionally, if he’s overly cold or logical, he may be out of tune with his emotions, and won’t notice when you’re sad or stressed. This distance means that you are not his priority.
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