July Leo vs August Leo

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
July Leo vs August Leo.

Who said all Leos behave the same? Since the beginning of astrology, it is a known fact that some characters are not always peculiar to people of the same star sign. And the same rule applies to the Lion sun sign.

People with the Leo star sign are born any day between July 23 and August 22. The difference in their birth months is a way of classifying Leos. While those born between July 23 to 31st are known as the first decan, other Leos born later are called the second and third decan.

Anyone born on any day of a Leo month is also said to behave separately from another one born in a different month. Find out some of the intriguing differences between the two types of Leo in this July vs august Leo article.

We hope you enjoy exploring all sides of Leos as much as we did while researching them. Read through!

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What Does It Mean to Be a July Leo?

People whose birthday falls between July 23 to 31st are the first decan, Leos. Because of that, they are solely ruled by the Leo planet, Sun. No matter how July Leos try to hide their shine, they would always be visible. However, July Leos do not shy away from the spotlight, they embrace it instead. They are naturally warm, charismatic, and glamorous due to their high connection with the Sun. A crowd would be drawn automatically to a July Leo as they have the stage command ability, and love the spotlight. They are confident, proud, and courageous.

July Leos are passionate lots. Once interested in a subject, July Leos would put their all into it, pursue and make meaning out of it. While at it, their creativity knows no bounds. July Leos love to express themselves creatively. You would usually find July Leos doing things artistically and showing them to the world.

Leo constellation.

August Leo Characteristics

August Leos belong to the second or third decan, Leos. They are co-ruled by Mars or Jupiter, the planets of action and growth. Because of that, August Leos usually does not sit around and wait for things to happen, they are proactive. You can trust an August Leo to start a task and complete it without much follow-up. Due to their tendency to always get things done, august Leos are natural leaders. They are even more courageous than July Leos because they are driven by the zeal to keep things moving. As stated earlier, August Leos are more inclined to take actions that make them more suitable leaders.

Although August Leos follow things through, they tend to be spontaneous about their actions. They would follow their impulses as long as there is a chance in it. It doesn't even matter if that chance has a 2% success possibility. August Leos will take such a chance anyway as long as they feel inclined towards it.

Differences Between July Leo and August Leo

Generally, all Leos are courageous, natural leaders, creative and love the spotlight. However, some of the listed characters are evident in one Leo another. Find out which Leo has more of the labeled Leo traits than the other below:

Courage and spotlight

Leos are naturally courageous without any doubt. However, July and August Leo have specific areas where they take their unflinching stands. An August Leo would lead other people to achieve a goal without expecting applause; they would do anything just to go a step further from their current position.

Leo sign.

July Leos, on the other hand, dare to face the crowd and express their opinions. They like to take the spotlight and welcome applause at any time.

Who is the natural leader? July Leo or August Leo?

August Leos are more cut leaders than their July counterparts. Driven by their passion to create a solution, August Leos can easily inspire other people to do the same thing. They dare others to take risks and nudge them to take action anyway. July Leos are also passionate about seeing matters through. However, they do not perform as well as a leader like August Leos.

Creativity and spontaneity

When it comes to creativity, you have to give it the July Leos. They take time to express themselves creatively, unlike August Leos. While July Leos would get things done creatively, August Leos would take spontaneous actions to achieve their various aims.

Leo zodiac sign.


You shouldn't expect to see exact same behaviors in two Leos, especially when they are born in different months. Some are just more heavily endowed with some Lion characteristics than others. Nevertheless, you would still find charisma, courage, pride, and leadership attributes in every Leo. The above characters may be a hint or something very evident in different Leos.

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