Neptune in 8th House

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Neptune in 8th house.

Neptune can be a tricky planet, often bringing strangeness or even deception to whatever role it plays in one’s birth chart. Since the 8th house is, among other things, about wealth and finances, people with Neptune in the 8th house of their birth chart may:

  • tend to inherit large quantities of money
  • share money with those around them
  • or perhaps manipulate money away from those around them

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Neptune In Eighth House Natal

People with Neptune in the 8th house of their natal chart tend to have deep spiritual connections, and they are more in tune with the supernatural. They’re more likely than the average person to have paranormal encounters, and when it comes to forming relationships with others, they can be picky and discriminatory. Because they are always on the lookout for hidden signs and the deeper meaning in things, they are also analytical and highly observant, so you won’t be able to get something past them easily. They try to understand the information they get from others, the world around them, and even their dreams.

Neptune in the eighth house.

Neptune 8th House Synastry

Neptune in the eighth house synastry relationships are balanced and healthy, when they are based on a true spiritual connection. These people are likely to reject a relationship with someone who isn’t spiritually compatible with them, but a shared interest in astrology, religion, and mysticism will bring partners closer together. However, this connection can also be fickle, and they may change dramatically depending on the life circumstances of those involved or on the stage of the relationship itself. A lot of vulnerability is involved in these relationships, which can lead to either a strong bond or the development of mutual resentment and dislike.

Neptune 8th House Appearance

Neptune in 8th house natives might seem from the outside to be:

  • Naive
  • Distractible
  • Gullible
  • Trusting

They have their heads always in the clouds, thinking about some idea that might have no bearing on the real world. There is some truth in this, but Neptune in 8th house individuals are not simply paranormal-obsessed airheads; there is much more to them than that. They are often gullible at first, but they eventually notice patterns in the people trying to fool them, and they won’t make the same mistake twice. Their openness to the idea of a supernatural world makes them more likely to have abnormal experiences, which they will observe and learn from.

Neptune in the eighth house.

Neptune In The 8th House Woman

These women are meticulous, detail-oriented, and skeptical of others’ intentions, especially if they have been fooled before. They observe their surroundings carefully at all times, which often gives them an exceptional skill at reading other people. If she follows her instincts, and natural inclinations, a Neptune in 8th house woman will lead a successful and balanced life, bouncing back from any obstacles she encounters, and keeping a cool head throughout anything.

Neptune In Eighth House Man

Neptune in 8th house men are often weighed down with negative emotions. They are suspicious of others and naturally have a pessimistic outlook on life, which they must work hard to overcome. They resent any small wrongdoing they experience and can drive people away with their insistence on holding grudges. These men are more likely to divorce, and they can end up quite lonely unless they learn to handle their natural negative tendencies in a healthy way and establish meaningful long-term connections with others. If they do develop a healthier relationship with their inner world, Neptune 8th house men can become successful, spiritual, and even creative energies.

Neptune in the eighth house.

Neptune in 8th House Marriage

Love and sex are one and the same in a Neptune in eighth house marriage, and both require a true spiritual connection between partners. A person with this planet placement is unlikely to pursue a serious romantic relationship or any sexual activity with someone who they can’t bond with on a deeper, more meaningful level. However, when they do find a compatible soul, their love of that person and sexual experiences with them can both benefit their mental health and their outlook on life, healing any past emotional damages.

Neptune in 8th House Transit

When Neptune transits the 8th house, it promotes openness to spirituality and mystical occurrences, but it can also cause us to be overwhelmed by doubt or skepticism. Neptune often tries to rob us of our reason, our principles, and our ability to trust. We are all susceptible to emotional manipulation at times, but Neptune makes us easier to influence. Once fooled by something, it encourages us to hold a grudge and fear that we will experience the same deception again in the future. However, when Neptune provokes a spiritual awakening in people, it may also prompt them to do good deeds in order to put positive energy out into the universe.

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