Pisces Man in Bed

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Pisces man is drinking wine with woman in bed.

Compassionate, sexually creative, and romantic in bed. The Pisces man in bed defines sexual unpredictability: he is the most sexually inventive man, truly one-of-a-kind.

However, the Pisces man often has conflicting impulses believed to be related to his symbols; two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Despite his contradictory nature, if a Pisces man is all into you and feels safe, he will go to any length to satisfy his lover's sensual desires. He understands and knows how to supply all your sexual needs.

Are you curious about what it's like to make love with a Pisces man? Are you wondering about the passionate nature of a Pisces guy in bed? If so, you're in luck! This blog post will dive into all things Pisces men and sex.

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Pisces Guys Are Sensitive and Emotional

Pisces individuals are compassionate, sensitive, and emotional. The men born under this water sign are very delicate about how they want to make love. They need to be emotionally connected to their partner to offer not just carnal but also emotional satisfaction to their lover.

Sexual experience with somebody with whom they have developed a close and strong emotional bond forms the best experience for the Pisces man. Anything less of an emotion-filled sexual experience tends to fall below his already exalted romantic expectations.

As a result of their emotional attachment, Pisces men are known to be undisputed kings of the art of foreplay. They don't just jump into sexual acts. Instead, they're very focused, keep a good tempo and adore every inch of their partner. Moreover, they know just how to satisfy their partner's desires by paying undivided attention to the sensitive parts of their lover in bed.

The Pisces man does not treat his partner as if she were just a tool of pleasure to him. There is no form of disconnection. Even when he appears aloof or remote, it is most likely because he is trying to understand his lover's gentle impulses and wishes.

Pisces man with woman in bed.

A Pisces Man in Bed Is Experimental

Men with Pisces zodiac are always known to try new things with their partners. They are not judgmental of your sexual fantasies and fetishism. Instead, they are ever ready to explore all of them with you. Pisces in bed are ever ready to push boundaries just to act on his partner's desires. So, it is only wise to make good use of these traits if you're his lover.

However, his experimental nature does not stop him from saying no to what he does not find comfortable. Also, he will always play by your rules to satisfy you. If you are someone, who doesn't try out a wide range of things, he will still do just the one thing you enjoy the most.

In all, be sure to note that your Pisces man is ever ready to try out dominance and submission, oral, fetishism, and toys when you are ready. Not to mention the different positions you may have fantasized about; your Pisces male partner has got you on your sexual exploration.

Pisces man and woman in a room without light.

Pisces Man and Sex: Turn On & Turn Offs

With all his sexual fantasies, the Pisces man can sometimes be reserved or play hard to get. Below are some things that easily turn on or turn off a Pisces man in bed.

  • Show that you can be in charge: He is usually submissive and often attracted to a woman that proves to be dominant in the bedroom.
  • Stay Fit: A banging body is irresistible for him. The hot legs, a firm bosom, and curves elicit arousal in a Pisces man.
  • Sensual Ambiance: A man with Pisces zodiac is a daydreamer who lives more in his head. Creating a sensual environment liberates his sexual thoughts and prepares him for a sexual adventure.

From the points enlisted, we can easily deduce that a direct opposite of any of the above activities will be a big turn-off for a Pisces man in the bedroom. However, they're not restricted only to the points enlisted above.

Pisces man kissing a woman in bed.

Conclusion What Pisces Man in Bed

We have pointed out that a Pisces man in bed is sensual, experimental, and romantic. The sexual aspect of his relationship is vital, and he is always looking to explore beyond horizons of pleasure and comfort.

However, he needs constant assurance of the safety of his emotions from his partner.

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