How Does a Virgo Man Test You?

last updated Dec. 8, 2022
Virgo man test woman.

Are you worried that you may make a wrong move with your man? Maybe he bombards you with phone calls and then suddenly stops calling. That is a sign of a Virgo man testing you. Sometimes, he drops a bomb in the middle of a conversation and asks if you will like to be his wife.

This kind of erratic behavior can leave you confused about your man. If you want to know the various ways your Virgo man tests you so you can be prepared, then read this article. It will show signs that a Virgo man is playing you, and also the major ways they perform their test.

Below are the 6 ways that a Virgo man tests you. When you see any of them, just know that a Virgo man is playing with you and then learn how to handle him. Will a Virgo man test you?

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6 Ways A Virgo Man Test You

  1. He asks questions: A Virgo man analyses a lot, always looking for the truth and so asks questions about you and the world around him. He wants to what is really out there and what is real about you too. So don’t be surprised when he asks you carefully thought-out questions. Now he doesn’t just ask questions, he also watches your reaction and answers. He may ask you about your likes and dislikes, your past, and your family. He will listen carefully to the answers and also watch your body language. If you hesitate when you are talking, he might believe that you are lying.
  2. He goes quiet: if your man suddenly goes quiet after draining your battery weeks back with calls, text, and DM, then he is testing you. That is a sure way to know when your Virgo man is playing with you. You may have responded hardly to him when he was constantly calling or you may have come on strong to him which scared him off. If he was not ready for a relationship with you and you start telling him how you want to be with him, that will spook him for sure. And he will respond like a Virgo male, total silence. So, what do you do? Proper communication works here. You can send texts if he is not picking up your call. After trying to reach him and he doesn’t respond, you can let him go. Just take it that he wasn’t really into you and let go.
  3. He watches out for your promises: A Virgo man needs a dependable woman. So, he sometimes tests you to see if you can keep your promises to him. If you make any kind of commitment, make sure you follow through with it. Don’t promise to help him out with his work report and go out with your friends at that time. Don’t promise to help iron his shirts so it’ll be ready for work on travel and then forget all about it. When you fail to keep any promise you make to him, you have failed his tests and he will not see you as someone to depend on.
  4. He contacts you constantly: You may be flattered by the constant text and calls of your Virgo man. But take heed, it might just be a test. Even though it seems that he is caring with the constant contact, he is checking if both of you are compatible. He watches your reactions to his calls and DM; he notices how you respond. He checks how clingy you may be, how attracted you may be to him, and if you take the relationship seriously. If this is your situation, take the test calmly. Answer his calls with patience and when it is a bother be honest and let him know. Play it cool with him, don’t get irritated with his constant calls. Just gently explain how busy you are and when you want him to call.
  5. He initiates serious conversations: When a Virgo man sees you as someone with who he wants to share his life, he makes careful plans to bring it to reality. He knows how to make decisions on major life goals, and you will notice this in his conversations. If he wants a future with you, he can interject certain questions while you are out having coffee. He might ask you how many kids you want to have or if you are comfortable living in a certain area. Sometimes he will not ask directly but drop hints during your conversations. You might be puzzled by all these, especially if you both are not yet serious with the relationship. But if you like him enough, then go with the flow and his questions. That will make him more attracted to you.
  6. He pushes buttons: A Virgo might seem manipulative when he pushes your buttons. But that is his way of testing you to know if you are the right person for him. If you are suer touchy or get hysterical when he pushes your buttons, he might decide that you are too emotional for him.

So, what do you do? Stay calm and hear him out. Don’t get aggressive or get into excessive drama. Of course, you should talk when he crosses the line but do so gently and calmly. Set your boundaries and let him what you like or don't like. He will surely those boundaries and respect you as well.


Virgo men are fun to be with and can make good partners. Watch out for these 6 ways they used to test you and make you pass them very well. That is a good way to make your relationship with a Virgo man work.

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