When a Leo Man is Done with You

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
A Leo man is done with a woman.

It can be really hard to admit to yourself that your crush just doesn’t like you as much as you like him. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell whether he is still interested or not, especially if you don’t know what signs to look out for. But if the man in question is a Leo man, then he cannot help but show off some signals that mean he wants out. So if you are ready to find out the signs Leo man is over you, keep reading.

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Signs Leo Man Is Over You

When a Leo Man is Done with You He avoids eye contact

A clear sign that your Leo man is not interested in you is when he looks everywhere else but in your eyes when he is out on a date with you. Not only is it annoying, but it is also just his subtle way of saying he is over you. He may be looking at other women, and he might not be. It could be his phone, other couples, or he just simply looks distracted. But if he constantly looks away from you, tries to avoid eye contact, and spends much of the evening not paying attention to you, then take this as a sign to walk away from him because he isn’t motivated.

A Leo man is done with a woman.

He never contacts you

Does it always seem like you're the one calling him or texting him to see how he's doing or what he's doing? This is sadly one of the biggest signs that he isn't interested in you. Naturally, a Leo man is not afraid to go after what he wants no matter how long it takes or how hard it is. Though, he is naturally proud he will never be egoistic about reaching out to someone he likes and may even love in the future. So giving you a call, texting you, or trying to stay in touch shouldn’t be a problem if he wants you. If he's not interested in you, leo man won't try to call you, not even as a friend.

He doesn’t ask you to join his inner circle

It is a great sign that your Leo man isn't interested in dating you. A Leo man loves to be the center of attention and as such, loves to show his friends any girl he has. If he wants you to be his girlfriend or is interested in something long-term, he would want you to meet his friends. This is only so that he can show off even more in front of you with his support network there to help. But if a leo man doesn't want to be with you romantically, then it won't even occur to him to take you along to a friend's birthday party or ask you to meet his friends at a summer barbecue. He wants to spend time with his friends and have fun – not be reminded of a girl he doesn’t even like while his friends might push him repeatedly to talk about her. So when a Leo man is done with you, it wouldn't even cross his mind to introduce you to his inner circle.

A Leo man is done with a woman.

He disrespects you when Leo Done with you

When you have a crush on someone, it can be so easy to crave any attention, even when it's negative. So it is possible, especially with Leo men, to be so kidnapped by the love you have for him that you might be blind to see that he doesn't treat you with any form of respect. Disrespect can manifest itself in several ways, but belittling you and always being negative towards you is just one of the ways a leo man can show you that he is not interested. He might also lead you to do things that he thinks are inferior to him because he is taking advantage of your obvious lust for him. Leo man loves to be bossy when they can, so it is best to quickly sight this clue and walk away to avoid being humiliated and taken advantage of.

He gives excuses repeatedly

A surefire way to tell if a leo man is interested in you or not is if he shows up during outing plans or he constantly throws excuses to back off. If it’s the latter, sadly he wants nothing more than a platonic relationship with you. It can be easy to shake off his excuse, especially if you like him, and that’s okay. This is because things do get in the way of plans that can cause excuses. But if it is a constant anthem, don’t believe in them as real, because it is just his way of saying he is not that into you. If he wants to see you, he will never find an excuse to miss the opportunity to see you repeatedly.

A Leo man is done with a woman.


If any of the signs mentioned are starting to resonate with you and your relationship with a leo man, it might be best to admit that the relationship is over. Just get away from him as quickly as possible to avoid getting more hurt and find other zodiac signs that would love all the things about you.

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