December Capricorn vs January Capricorn

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
December Capricorn vs January Capricorn.

While zodiac signs can say a lot about a person, not all individuals born under the same constellation are the same. Many astrological factors define a person's character beyond just their star sign. Things such as secondary planetary alignments and moon diversity play a key role in establishing the unique traits of each person.

For example, a December Capricorn and January Capricorn will share many of the same core qualities. They will be practical, meticulous hard workers driven to attain success. Nevertheless, they can still vastly differ in the way they approach concepts such as their goals, relationships, and emotions. While it's not a fixed science, many of these differences between a December Capricorn vs January Capricorn can largely be attributed to the astrological composition changes that occur throughout the sign’s lifespan.

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Traditional Traits of the Capricorn

As an Earth sign, Capricorns are stable, pragmatic, and goal-driven. They love to get things done. Capricorns are also a cardinal sign, and as such, they love to take charge. As a result, they crave control and status and are often considered severe, proud, and stand-offish. This presumption is due to the sign's meticulous nature and patience as they evaluate situations from a distance. Still, in reality, Capricorns are often compassionate and reflective individuals who craft deep relationships with those they become familiar with.

Of course, these are just the general qualities of the Capricorn's core traits and will not be uniform throughout every single member of the zodiac sign. This is because not all Capricorns are the same. December Capricorns tend to be far more motivated than their January counterparts. But what exactly causes this difference?

Capricorn constellation.

Three Decans of the Capricorn

One explanation for why individuals of the same sign can be so different is the astrological concept of sign decans. According to the idea, each astrological sign is divided evenly into three subsections, called decans, which accommodate the secondary and tertiary movements during the span of each zodiac. And, since each sign comprises 30 degrees of the zodiac, each decan lasts for approximately ten days. This means that December Capricorns are born during the first decan of the 10th zodiac sign. In contrast, all January Capricorns possess the properties of the second and third decans. However, to truly understand how this affects the qualities of a December vs January Capricorn, we first need to understand what planetary movements occur during this zodiac stage.

The ruling planet of Saturn defines Capricorns. This is true whether you're a December Capricorn or January Capricorn. However, during the first decan of the star sign, Saturn is the sole ruler. This means that Capricorns born in December have the largest helping of the planet's personality traits that are traditional to the 10th sign of the zodiac. On the other hand, January Capricorns comprises the second and third decan and are co-ruled by Venus and Mercury. So, while January Capricorns are still considered to share the determination of their December counterparts, they also share many traits similar to the Taurus or Virgo Star signs.

December Capricorn.

Qualities of the December Capricorn

Saturn is the planet of time and maturity. And, since the first decan of the sign is more heavily influenced by this ruling planet, December Capricorns embody the sign’s stereotypes. They are diligent, patient workers that tend to be introverted as they are always focused on attaining their goals.

However, December Capricorn's commitment to their accomplishments also gives them a heightened level of patience that separates them from the rest of the zodiac. Never tempted to cut corners, December Capricorns will always wait for the most opportune time to attain success.

Qualities of the January Capricorn

While December Capricorns are more conscientious in their actions, January Capricorns tend to be much more relaxed. This can primarily be attributed to the influences of the second and third decan's co-ruling planets. Despite Capricorns being naturally driven, the second and third decan have their determination balanced out with the erratic nature of Mercury and the opulence of Venus. Due to this, January Capricorns tend to be less focused on attaining their goals but are rather more engaged with the process of getting there.

The co-ruling planets of the second and third decan also affects the January Capricorns' social dispositions. As an Earth sign, Capricorns are generally introverted. But, with the added influences of Venus, the planet of relationships, and Mercury, the planet of communication, January Capricorns tend to be far more social than those Capricorns of the first decan.

January Capricorn.

Conclusion of December Capricorns and January Capricorns

When it comes to a December Capricorn versus January Capricorn, the individuals of the first decan are traditional to the star sign. They are ambitious and goal-driven, willing to put any amount of work into achieving their aspirations. On the other hand, January Capricorns are more heavily influenced by their co-ruling planets and are more carefree than their December-born counterparts.

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