When a Cancer Man is Done with You

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Cancer man is done with a woman.

Are you in a relationship with a Cancer man? You think that he has fallen out of love? Are you trying to impress him, or are you still not sure if he is falling for you or not? The Cancer Man doesn’t tend to play mind games with his partners. Therefore, if he is no longer in the relationship or he doesn’t seem to like you, there are sure signs that can tell when a cancer man is done with you. This guide consists of 5 telltale signs that prove a Cancer man has lost interest as well as some insights into what he will do when he is deeply in love.

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Signs Cancer Man Is Over You

When a Cancer Man is Done with You He’s insensitive

If you have ever thought ‘he is so insensitive’ – then it’s simple. He is just not that interested. A cancer man is naturally too sensitive. Like really, extra sensitive. It could be said that sensitivity is their middle name. Emotions and feelings run deep in his blood such that he will do all it takes to make sure that you don’t get hurt (by him or anyone else). So either you're under his shell with him, or you're out in the cold, looking after yourself the fact remains that a cancer man will always worry about those that are close to his heart. Therefore, if you feel like he doesn’t care, then it’s probably because he doesn’t.

A cancer man is done with a woman.

He stops taking charge

If your relationship is new (just kicking off), this point might not apply to you because a Cancer man is naturally shy and reluctant early on. However, as he gets more familiar with you and as he establishes the feelings on the ground, he’ll prefer to take charge. That way, he can guarantee almost 100% that you are protected from harm. He would want to please you, take care of you, and make the world a better place just for you. So you can tell he is over you immediately you sense that he stops taking charge. A cancer man that allows you to do all the thinking, decision making, and controlling, isn’t interested in what you do.

He's not jealous when you flirt means Cancer done with you

For a Cancer man, he just cannot stand the thought, not to talk of him seeing you first with another guy. It is like a straight dagger to his heart. By doing that, you will hurt him much more than any other zodiac sign would get hurt. He would feel this pain of betrayal acutely. In the case, where he does feel threatened by another man, he can get quite needy and clingy. So maybe you can try flirting next time you are out together and see the way he reacts to it. If he frowns, tries to interrupt, or picks a fight with you, then he is still in love with you. However, if he just sits there, unbothered, without a care in the world, there is a big chance this sign is over you.

A cancer man is done with a woman at home.

He doesn’t come home to you anymore

This is another obvious sign cancer man is over you, especially if you have started living together. A Cancer man is a house body. There is nothing he loves more than snuggling up with his lover, on the sofa, cuddling all night. No matter how stressful the day has been, he is always thinking about the woman close to his heart and cannot wait to get back to her warm hands. He prefers to be at home with his loved one so that he can get to know her even more as she would fascinate him. However, if he suddenly likes to go out, spend the night out, or doesn’t like to come home to you, then it is a big sign he isn’t interested or wants out of the relationship.

Last sign a Cancer Man is Done With You Does't include you in family activities

More than any other zodiac signs, the Cancer man feels strongly attracted to their loved ones including family members. It is because the sign locates in the fourth house of the Zodiac, and it represents home and family. A cancer man is over protective of his loved ones. In other words, he does not play with their protection, and he takes their matters very seriously. That is why, he can only introduce you to his family member if he finds you worthy to be a part of his life. But when a cancer man is done with you, then there is a big chance he would stop including you in family events.

Cancer man is done with a woman.


Cancer men are notoriously shy creatures when it comes to love and passion. So it can be hard to know if they're no longer interested in the relationship or are just taking things slow. This is true when the relationship is new and you are both trying to find your footing. But if you have been in the relationship for a while or you have had up to 2 dates, then you can tell if he likes you or not by using these clear-cut signs.

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