Uranus in Pisces Mean?

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Uranus in Pisces.

If you are wondering what Uranus in Pisces means, you are not alone. Of course, Pisces indicates the actual date range of when you were born. As a quick reminder, those dates are around February 19th to March 20th. So how does this have anything to do with the planet Uranus? Well, according to popular belief, there are certain times when Uranus has a direct impact on Pisces. This is where the Uranus in Pisces phrase comes from.

Essentially, it is believed that the energy of Uranus can start to influence the personalities of those born within the Pisces range. So what kind of impact does this have? Keep reading to find out.

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Personality Uranus in Pisces

The personality traits of those who fall in the Uranus in Pisces dates are quite interesting. On the whole, the main personality traits are quite positive. Those with a Uranus Pisces influence are visionaries, hard-working, and they are always dreaming up new ideas and ways of doing things. For that reason, they are also people who focus very much on the future.

Short-term setbacks do not alter these visions, and it is widely accepted that these people are extremely creative. They are also incredibly independent, often boasting the courage to think for themselves. This is the influence of Neptune - a planet that defies many of the expectations of the Solar System.

Positive Traits Uranus in Pisces

Like many star sign combinations, many positives are surrounding Uranus in Pisces people. These positives vary somewhat between men and women, however, which is why we have broken them down right here:

Pisces constellation and Uranus.

Uranus in Pisces Man

  • Spiritually connected: The Uranus in Pisces man is usually sensitive to all energies around him. He can feel good and bad vibes, and he almost has a sixth sense as to the forces of the universe. This is why the Uranus in Pisces man is often regarded as being highly spiritual.
  • Unrestricted by common thought: Sticking with the common Uranus in Pisces trait of being imaginative and free-thinking, this is a major trait for these men. They never focus on basic ideas or generation-old ideologies. They think about the future and come up with ideas and plans on how things could be.

Uranus in Pisces Woman

  • Thirst for exploration: The Uranus in Pisces woman is so unrestricted by the physical location that she often dreams of travel and exploration. Depending on the strength of this thirst, she will move mountains and go to the edge of the Earth to find answers and fresh quests.
  • Incredibly imaginative: Much like the Uranus in Pisces man, these women are rich when it comes to their imagination. They don’t dwell too much on negatives, and they can easily imagine a better world when thinking freely.

Uranus and Pisces sign.

Negative traits Uranus in Pisces

Although there are many positives surrounding Uranus in Pisces people, there are naturally negatives to mention too:

Uranus in Pisces Man

  • Sensitive to the negative. Although sensitivity is a positive trait, it can also work in the opposite direction. They can pick up on bad energies, and this can cause an emotional drain on the main. Such negatives can even influence their mood and fighting spirit over time.

Uranus in Pisces Woman

  • Can easily quit. The thoughts of “ideals” can work against a Uranus in Pisces woman. She imagines perfection and massive exploration. But when obstacles are put up, she can let this overwhelm her drive and spirit — often quitting prematurely.


The Uranus in Pisces career path is more interesting than other combinations. They do not like to hold down boring or monotonous jobs, as they are constantly thinking of the future and coming up with exciting ideas. This does not mean they will not become successful in their careers! Instead, it means that they are more likely to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, and are more likely to work for themselves. This often goes hand in hand with work relating to the creative ideas they come up with.

Uranus and Pisces.

Love Uranus in Pisces

Uranus in Pisces are loyal and caring people - often putting other people's needs above their own. Given that they are deep thinkers, they are able to feel the energy of their partner and tune in to what they might need. They can love deeply, and their connections with others are often felt at a truly spiritual level. Of course, love can also extend to friendship. For their true friends, they will go above and beyond in all areas.

This can even lead to them sacrificing their health and even finances to assist close friends.


The Uranus in Pisces combination discussed here is truly fascinating. These people can change the world, and they are one of the most ‘in touch’ with planetary energies of all. Ever the dreamers, they are often responsible for major changes, and if you are one of them — you are lucky!

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