How to Get a Taurus Man Back?

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Woman get a taurus man back.

You have broken up with your Taurean man, and you know you want him back. You feel lost and lonely without your special guy. Is it possible to get him back? This time will it work, you might win him back, but can you keep him? First things first, you have to pull yourself together and work out how to get a Taurus man back.

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Be Realistic

Taurus men are straightforward, loyal men who do not like change. They can be stubborn and hold a grudge. So, before you go racing over to his, do some soul searching. Ask yourself why did the break-up happen? Are the issues fixable? After all, the last thing you want is an on-off relationship. Now you know you do not want him to be the one that got away. The next question is, ‘How do you get a Taurus man back?’

Woman has fun with Taurus man.

Make The First Move to Get a Taurus Man Back

How to get back a stubborn Taurus man? It is well known Taurean men are stubborn and can be reluctant to admit they are at fault even if they are wrong. They prefer women to make the first move. He will be careful restarting a relationship. They are slow to commit and would only be involved with you in the first place if they were seriously into you.

Concrete Evidence

Your Taurean guy appreciates plain speaking. He is tough but wears a mask to hide his true feelings. If you want him back, you will have to do the hard work, apologize if necessary, and do not criticize him. Tell him why you work well together as a couple. Use the word “I” rather than “you”, “I wish I understood how you feel,” as opposed to, “You never tell me how you are feeling.”

Assure him you are committed to the relationship, let him know what he is losing. Do not yell. Listen to him if he talks; Taurus men often think out loud.

To Get a Taurus Man Back Do Not Be Needy

How to win a Taurus man back is not to be needy. Your man likes to be praised and complimented. He moves slowly, so making demands of him will make him back off.

Woman cooking delicious food for Taurus man.

A Little Bit of Nature

How to get a Taurus man back in love? Taurus is an earth sign. Your handsome Taurus man loves nature. Suggest a walk in the park, where you can enjoy the natural environment. With no distractions and you are free to talk.

Fun Loving

A Taurus man loves a good sense of humor. Keep in mind you made him laugh when you were together. Create a relaxed atmosphere and reminisce about the good times.

Food Is the Way to A Man’s Heart

Food plays a role in love and is how to win back a Taurus. Cooking a delicious and romantic meal is a way to win back a Taurus man’s affections. Here are a few tips to help you set the scene.

  • Light candles to set the mood. The Candlelight is flattering.
  • Play soft, sexy music, which helps release the pleasure hormone dopamine. Once dopamine has arrived at the party, more intimate pursuits may follow.
  • Food can get your man in the mood for love, so experiment with aphrodisiac flavors. Named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, aphrodisiac foods should get more than your man’s taste buds tingling.

Use the Senses to Get Taurus Man Back

How to make a Taurus want you back? A Taurean man reacts to the four senses. We have explored taste and how a tantalizingly tasty meal can win his heart back. Tuning in to other senses will trigger emotional stirrings.

Woman using the senses for Taurus man.

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Dress to impress is how to get a Taurus back. Most men are visual. A Taurus man is no exception. Wear something that makes you feel confident and sexy. Use your attributes. What did he love about you? Make him realize he is a lucky man.

How to get a Taurus man back in love: Smell the Roses

Recall the stroll in the forest with your zodiac earth sign. Did you wear a specific fragrance that he loves? His feeling of smell can awaken affectionate experiences.


Do not forget your Taurean has a keen sense of touch when thinking about How to make a Taurus man want you back? Once you have given him great food and compliments and things are working out positively. Try getting closer, hold his hand or touch him here and there, make him feel appreciated. Show him you love him and what he is missing.

Remember, you are a strong, dignified person. Keep that in mind when you have worked out how to get a Taurus back after a breakup. Maintain the thought you are still the person he loved before the separation. Do not try to be someone you are not.

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