Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon.

Sagittarians are smart people with larger-than-life personalities. They are kind and thoughtful, and even more so when they have an Aquarius moon in their star chart. The combination of Sagittarius in the sun and Aquarius in the moon makes for an interesting character. We discuss the influence of the Aquarian moon and how this combination affects romantic relationships. Continue to read to find about what these people are like.

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Personality Traits Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon

Sagittarians are honest folk who can tolerate a lot of differences in others. But they are a fire sign that can get irritated and lose their temper quickly. It is best not to take advantage of these people. A Sagittarius is also a sincere and friendly person. Sagittarians, in general, are great at cheering people up because they have a good sense of humor.

They love excitement and any kind of adventure. Sagittarians like action and enjoy traveling to new places. These folk are extroverts and cheerful individuals who don’t stay gloomy or sad for long. As a result, it is pleasant to spend time with a person, who was born when Sagittarius was in the sun.

Sagittarius sign and Sun.

The Influence of the Aquarius Moon

Aquarius is a unique sign, and individuals born with the Sagittarius sun Aquarius moon combination are more intuitive than most people. They are responsible individuals who can be trusted when placed in a position of authority.

They have a strong drive to help others who are in need. You can expect to find a Sagittarius in sun Aquarius in moon person helping out at a soup kitchen with a big bright smile on their face. They are cheerful and helpful, and they help uplift all those who are in their company.

Another trait that the Aquarius moon brings to its representatives is rebelliousness. It is not a surprise that those born with the Sagittarius/Aquarius combination enjoy breaking rules and doing the unconventional. These people like the unusual and may come across as a bit odd to some.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon Characteristics in Love

Sagittarius are not the most down-to-earth people. They like new things and activities due to their desire for excitement. As a result, dating a Sagittarius will never be boring. You should keep in mind that they may easily become bored and restless with a person who is set in their ways.

You should not date a Sagittarius sun/Aquarius moon individual if you want a person who stays at home with you all day. This person won’t enjoy a partner who is too clingy and demanding. Instead, they enjoy the idea of freedom and independence. Spending time with these individuals can be exciting, and you can expect to go on trip with them.

Aquarius sign and Moon.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon Man

The Sagittarius sun Aquarius moon man is a natural leader who can be trusted to be responsible in a leadership position at work.

  • The Sagittarius/Aquarius man has a natural magnetism that makes him attractive to others.
  • This man comes up with many new ideas as he is very innovative and creative.
  • He is the romantic sort who can sweep a girl off her feet with ease.
  • He is direct and may sometimes come across as a bit blunt when speaking to others.
  • This man can do well in careers such as scientist, politics, or even the arts.
  • His intelligence, and charm, and affable disposition serve him well in the workplace and in any social setting.

Sagittarius In Sun Aquarius In Moon Woman

This woman is an intriguing person who may attract a partner because of her love of exploration and adventure. Life is never dull when you spend time with this person. These individuals are optimistic, expressive, and love life. A Sagittarius woman can make you feel good on your darkest days.

  • The Sagittarius/Aquarius woman may come across as a tad weird, but not in a bad way.
  • She is an analytical and smart person who can solve problems easily.
  • Like the Sagittarius man, she is very direct and honest and will not lie to you.
  • She is the independent sort who knows how to earn a living. This may be intimidating for a man who wants a stay-at-home wife.
  • A position in government or the arts will suit her well because she is intelligent, creative, and gets on well with others.

Sagittarius Sun and Aquarius Moon.


The Aquarian aspect brings a humanitarian perspective to the typical Sagittarian. These folks love the unconventional. They can do well in politics and creative endeavors due to their intelligence and people skills. Time spent with a Sagittarius/Aquarius individual is never boring. Provided you accept their mutability and independent streak you can form a successful long-term relationship with a Sagittarius/Aquarius person.

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