Mars in 1st house

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Mars in 1st house.

In astrology, the first house is the house of outward appearances, ruling the body and personality. Mars, known as a soldier planet, is the planet of energy, action, courage, and willpower and the natural ruler of this house. Mars in the first house is a very commanding position which represents the physical characteristics of a very fearless individual. It usually signifies being energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and sometimes aggressive.

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Mars in the 1st House Natal

It gives the native enough willpower to succeed in the business world and be great leaders. The natives are usually unstoppable and always ready to take challenges head-on. They are impulsive and take risks to make their dreams come true and show the world what they are capable of. It does not matter how many times life hits them; they will always be able to get up and start things from scratch.

Mars in first house.

Mars in the 1st House Synastry

The synastry is a set of astrological techniques that decide how two people relate to one another. Mars in the first house synastry means the two partners want each other strongly and desperately. When Mars first sees the house person, there might be an intense attraction or magnetism felt deeply like “love at first sight.” Also, the house person feels this desire and can hardly resist the other person.

However, the relationship may be full of arguments. This is because their aggression will sometimes come to the fore, leading to constant quarrels and disagreements. The synastry chart only serves as a guide; it does not predict the future of the relationship. Hence, it focuses on warning a couple of possible disagreements and the outcome of the relationship. Eventually, the couple's decisions shape the relationship, directing the flow in the process.

Mars in the 1st House Appearance

People with Mars in the first house usually display many Aries characteristics. Regardless of their height, they are likely to be athletic and energetic. Since Mars is the red planet of iron, these natives are likely to be fond of metal jewelry as a major part of their fashion aesthetic. In addition to that, red and black are probably among their favorite colors and they will likely own and wear a lot of items with these colors.

Mars and mars sign.

Mars in the 1st House Woman

Women with Mars in the first house are perceived to be a bit un-ladylike. This is because most times, they present themselves as individualistic and self-sufficient. They can be tomboys who dress more like men than ladies and enjoy the company of males more. They may also be interested in a lot of technical and mechanical fields which are usually associated with men. They are usually more courageous and ambitious than the usual female.

Mars in the 1st House Man

Men with their Mars in the first house are usually willful and tough. At slight signs of disrespect, they lose their tempers easily. They are better off working as entrepreneurs because they hate being under supervision. They like doing what they want and on their own terms. However, they can make great and inspiring leaders if they are able to control themselves and discipline some of their recklessness.

Mars planet.

Mars in the 1st House Marriage

Mars is not good for married life in the first house. As mentioned earlier, they can sometimes be aggressive and confrontational, which may not place them in a good light with their partners. In addition to that, their over-possessive nature may cause a lot of disagreements in their marriage. Such a marriage might end up very toxic if they retort to physical violence in extreme cases. On the plus side, they are usually more thrilling to be around. They relish a lot of pleasure and satisfaction when in bed because they are very passionate lovers. Also, they easily get very efficient at whatever they put their minds on. This means they can become better lovers, better cooks, and better spouses in general. They might neglect responsibilities that don’t interest them to focus on things they care about, which are the main priorities at that point in time.

Mars in the 1st House Transit

During the transit of Mars in the first house, their sense of self will be energized. They dare to start anew and explore changes. These changes include change of pace, change of scene, attitude, and even a change of look. A new hairstyle, new career, new home, new clothes, the new car will all be up for consideration at this point. At this point, they act as a go-getter, and they inspire and spread this positive energy to people around them. On the other hand, there is a higher probability of disagreement due to the energy coursing through them. They will not back down easily and will overcome any obstacle to overcome their goals.

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