Neptune in 7th House

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Neptune in 7th house.

Neptune in the 7th house people are often spontaneous risk-takers that are entertainment and creativity-driven. They love to daydream and frequently fantasize about other worlds or new experiences with extraordinary detail even before they've had them. Becoming too self-indulgent can also be a challenge for people with Neptune in the 7th House.

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Neptune In The 7th House Natal

In the natal chart, Neptune in the 7th House is considered the House of Partnerships, making it an important one for anyone looking for a partner or already in a relationship. This is not an entire list of how this astrological placement can affect people.

Neptune is the planet of illusions, deception, and delusion, while the seventh House rules the mind. These two factors are interesting when you pair them together, as Neptune in the 7th House is all about relationships. Neptune's influence on our lives can make it hard to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

Combining these factors can lead to an individual who has difficulty distinguishing between reality and fantasy.

Neptune in the 7th house.

Neptune In 7th House Synastry

People in Neptune in the 7th house are emotional and sensitive, imaginative and artistic. They tend to live in their world of fantasy and dreams, where reality cannot hold a candle to the imagination. Neptune is the planet of deceit and illusion; when we are talking about the Seventh House, it causes constant misunderstandings in relationships, resulting in frequent quarrels and arguments.

Unfortunately, Neptune's influence makes these people incurably dishonest in their affairs; they will not hesitate to lie to save their ego or skin. These people have trouble putting aside everything else to be with those they love, and even when seriously ill, they still find excuses not to spend time at home.

Neptune In The 7th House Appearance

Neptune in 7th house natives tends to be empath specialists who are almost always making a note of emotional atmospheres around them. They can sense the essence of the people with whom they come in contact and are acutely aware of others' needs, even before those individuals realize there is a problem.

This empathic ability allows Neptune in the 7th house people to become great counselors, marriage partners, and disarmers of racial, religious, and political tensions.

Neptune in the 7th house.

Neptune In The 7th House Woman

Neptune in the Seventh House woman is capable of a deep and committed relationship with her partner. The Neptune-in-the-Seventh-House woman's need for a committed relationship stems from her childhood, almost always settled and stable. Her parents were probably well suited to each other, and she probably idealizes the concept of romantic love as the best possible way to share a life.

Neptune in the Seventh House is an exciting placement for a woman. She will have an otherworldly and subtle appeal, almost ethereal. However, her emotions are potent; they can sweep her off her feet or crush her based on the intensity of their expression.

Neptune is the planet that rules drunkenness, and while Neptune is in the 7th house woman may be able to hold her liquor better than most (being born under this condition doesn't mean she'll be an alcoholic or substance abuser).

Neptune In The 7th House Man

Neptune in the Seventh house is a rare astrological combination and represents a man who carries himself with an air of mystery. He has an indefinable presence but one which draws others towards him. Neptune's character will make him seem very approachable, like everyone's best friend, something in his eyes that makes other men trust him deeply, something women find very endearing.

A Neptune in the seventh house man tends to be a profoundly emotional yet detached individual. He is highly intuitive and caring, and he feels a great deal of empathy for others. He is also a very spiritual person with a strong desire to understand the meaning of life. A Neptune in the seventh houseman may have mystical inclinations due to their ability to tap into the collective unconscious and retrieve hidden memories.

Neptune in the seventh house.

Neptune In The 7th House Marriage Neptune in the Seventh House represents relationships that seem to be glittering with the idea of perfection. They desire and demand unconditional love, understanding, support, and loyalty from their partner. They quickly develop a romantic picture of what their relationship with their significant other will be like.

However, this is a deceptive position as they tend to idealize people. The marriages of those born under Neptune's seventh House fall into uncertainty shortly after the honeymoon. Neptune in the Seventh House leaves little doubt about whom to blame for marital disputes — neither, the finger of blame points at the self.

Neptune in 7th House Transit

If you allow it, Neptune in the 7th House transit is a transit of spiritual awakening. It is a time of ego-crushing disillusionment that targets your idealism and belief in the power of love. It doesn't feel good, but on the other side of this experience is not only a new understanding but a more profound and more genuine love for self and others.

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