When a Gemini Man is Done With You

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Gemini man is done with a woman.

Gemini men are honest communicators. They enjoy open, engaging conversations on a wide range of subjects. When they’re in love, they don’t make any effort to hide those feelings. They shower you with affection publicly, they want to make new memories with you, and they pay special attention to all you have to say.

However, whenever these men tire of the relationship, they withdraw, and all the affection withers out. For this reason, you might be curious. If you’re worried about changes in your Gemini boyfriend and what they mean for your relationship, keep reading to find out more.

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What Makes A Gemini Man Tire Of You?

Your Gemini boyfriend loves thrilling experiences. Gemini men generally enjoy discovering new things and having meaningful, deep conversations about fascinating topics. This desire for novelty and intrigue can work against you. A Gemini man will tire of a relationship if he feels tied down and bored. He wants to explore and find stimulation, and if he can’t get that from you, he’ll lose interest.

A Gemini man is done with a woman.

9 Signs a Gemini Man is Over You

Now, you might be wondering how you will know when your Gemini boyfriend is tired of you and the relationship. Here are the key signs you can look out for.

When a Gemini Man is Done With You He Pays Less Attention to You

Your Gemini boyfriend being less interested in what you have to say is a clear warning sign. This sign can come in the form of him not listening when you speak or not spending time with you the way he used to. Whichever form it comes in, you should be wary when he wants to spend less time with you.

He’s Inconsiderate of Your Feelings

People can recognize a Gemini man by his honesty. This honesty even extends to the point of scathing bluntness sometimes. Nevertheless, he will try to tone it down in relationships with people he loves. He’ll employ tact and diplomacy to give information. This dynamic changes when he’s tired of the relationship. He gets brasher and often rude, not sparing your feelings at all.

A Gemini man is done with a woman.

He Seems Bored When a Gemini Man is Done With You

Gemini men love stimulating and exciting experiences. They don’t like being tied down in dull conditions. If they’re tired of a relationship with you, they’ll look bored. And thoroughly so. They won’t seem as excited with conversations or engaged when you’re together.

He’s Uptight

It’s easy to know something isn’t right when your boyfriend is guarded and stuffy around you. Geminis are generally easy-going individuals. However, once you begin to notice your Gemini boyfriend is tense around you, he’s probably not as intrigued by the relationship as he once was.

He Treats You Like You Don’t Exist Means Gemini Man is Done With You

When a Gemini man is finally done with the relationship, it’ll be like you don’t exist to him. You’re dead to him, and he cuts off all thoughts of you. Any action you make to reach out to him is like reaching into a vacuum; you get no response. This treatment hurts, but it’s one of the most evident signs that your Gemini lover is through with you.

Gemini man is done with a woman.

If Gemini Leaves You He’ll Tell You the Truth Straight Up

When your Gemini man is tired, he’ll tell you to your face. Gemini men are not scared of telling the truth about things. He will let you know he’s tired of the relationship and that you should move on.

He Ignores You

If you feel ignored, you’re being ignored. You call, and there’s no answer. You send a message, and there’s no reply. In this situation, you must be beginning to realize something is amiss. And you’re right. When a Gemini man is tired of you, he makes every effort to avoid you. He’ll ignore your texts and messages, and you’ll feel out of the loop.

When a Gemini is Done With You He Blocks You

It stings a lot when you get blocked. But it hurts a lot more when a Gemini man does that action. That action is deliberate, premeditated, and done to get rid of you. If you get blocked, know your Gemini boyfriend is tired of the relationship.

Gemini man is done with woman.

He Ghosts Permanently

Geminis ghost a lot though they don’t mean it in a hurtful way. They need that time away from you to think and pursue other hobbies and interests. But once a Gemini man is done with you, he leaves permanently. This time, he’s not coming back.

What Comes Next?

The hardest part of relationships is when they end. You have your life linked to a person, and now, that link is gone. It hurts a lot. When you notice these bleak signs, it’s clear the relationship’s end is near. It can help to discuss it to decide how to end things amicably. But understand it won’t help if you try and pressure him back into the relationship. He will leave again.

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