Uranus in Libra Mean?

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Uranus In Libra.

Did you know that Uranus last transited Libra between 1968 and 1975? This era sparked the LBTQ movement and the normalization of divorce.

Many regard Uranus as the planet of radicality and innovation, and this has proven time and again, to be true. A Uranus in Libra native is a package of many elements, but more importantly, will be known for revolutions in their time.

Uranus is the planet of innovation. It rules over the Aquarius sign, but still wields major influence on other zodiac signs. Uranus goes into retrograde about 150 days each year while taking about 7 years to transit each of the star signs. That is, it spends seven years in each sign, and takes 84 years to go round all the zodiac signs.

Libra, on the other hand, is ruled by Venus.

When Uranus is in Libra, the planet and sign combine to create a unique individual. A Uranus in Libra man or woman can be influenced by both the planet’s unique traits in addition to their own sign.

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Personality Uranus in Libra

A Uranus in Libra woman or man, has a peculiar personality, mostly stimulated from the influence of the planet on their birth charts. Sometimes, these personality traits may be good or bad, depending on the occasion. We’ll break down the positive and negative traits of this natal chart, in the section below.

Uranus and Libra constellation.

Positive Traits Uranus in Libra Man and Woman

  • Creative: A Uranus Libra has a high chance of becoming an artist because of the creativity associated with their chart. They have an innate idea of what beauty should look or sound like, so they’re fit for creative positions such as visual artists, graphic designers, web developers, or even makeup artists. They always find ways to make everything more pleasing to the eyes and ears.
  • Intelligent: The Libra astrological sign in itself symbolizes intellect. So, it’s not surprising that a Uranus in Libra native is known as the problem solver. Their different perspective of the world gives them the capacity to proffer ideal solutions that will move a cause forward. They’re also likely to think up non-conventional ways of solving a problem.
  • Rebellious: A traditional person, a Uranus in Libra native may never be. They like to disrupt the traditional order whether in relationships, art, politics, or even career, with new innovations. While the Uranus planet may influence a lot of traits that are not popular among people, a Uranus in Libra person is more amenable to the spirit of change. As a result, they are viewed as a radical, reformatory, and innovative.
  • Eccentricity: Having already established that a Uranus in Libra has a different worldview from anyone else, this means that they may come off as eccentric or strange. This trait allows them to be tolerant of other people, and people feel comfortable expressing themselves around this native.
  • Leadership Qualities: A Uranus in Libra native is a natural-born leader. Their charm and wit, in addition to their diplomatic approach to conflict resolution, automatically make them the leaders of any group.

Negative Traits

Erratic quality of Uranus Libra

For all the good traits a Uranus in Libra possesses, they can also be unpredictable. You never can know what to expect from them, but just know they are always going to blow your mind.

Uranus in Libra sign.


Due to her open-minded nature, the Uranus in Libra woman finds it hard to make small and big decisions. She wants to enjoy every new experience but hardly does she understand that life is a game of choice.

Obsessive feature of Uranus in Libra

As we all know, this native is highly intelligent and creative. Being natural problem solvers makes them judge themselves harshly, hardly leaving room for mistakes. Their need for perfection makes them obsessed with the minute details of every plan in order to guarantee success.

Career (Money)

Wherever a Uranus in Libra native goes, they’re known for being visionary. Their creativity and intelligence, including leadership qualities, will catapult them to the top.

However, this native may not remain at a job they believe to be stifling their creativity, or where they’re unappreciated.

This native has a tricky relationship with money. They will always have enough, due to a successful career, but hardly put themselves first. They however are charitable towards their friends and the less-privileged.

Uranus and Libra sign.

Love Uranus in Libra

The love life of this native can be likened to a double-edged sword. Every Uranus in Libra, like other humans, desires the intimacy and stability that comes with a loving relationship. However, they need space to breathe.

They never want to feel restrained or boxed in, so it might be difficult for them to commit to a person. They might also come off as harsh when they need to make a point, but their heart is always in the right place.

When Uranus transits Libra, its position on your birth chart determines how radical your personality might be. Every astrological transit comes with good and somewhat negative personality traits, but the Uranus in Libra can always make the best of their outgoing personality.

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