Leo Sun Virgo Moon

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Leo Sun Virgo Moon.

A Leo Sun and Virgo Moon indicates that a person has the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Virgo on their natal chart. People with this combination have unique traits. The Leo portion wants to be in charge and control, but their Virgo moon longs to remain reserved.

Read further to find out more about the unique behavior of Leo in Sun Virgo in Moon.

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Personality Traits of Leo Sun Virgo Moon

Leo Suns have strong charisma, warm-heartedness, enthusiasm, authority, and loyalty. The Sun is a powerful planet that represents ego and creativity. As the ruling planet of Leos, it imbues them with a sense of regality and authority. Leo Suns are confident and expressive and well-suited to take up leadership positions around them. The Moon governs the mind and several thinking patterns. While a person’s sun sign represents their outward persona, the Moon sign showcases their inner being. With the Moon in Virgo, you get a critical, realistic, practical, and reserved individual. This person is detail-oriented and fast to notice slight changes in the people around them.

Leo zodiac sign in Sun.

Now that we understand what the individual signs are, we can look at the behavior of the combined signs. This combination is also referred to as the Neurotic Lion. A Leo Sun Virgo Moon will have an internal battle as the two natures war themselves. Their Leo Sun makes them want to move front and center to act, but the Virgo Moon makes them critical of all their actions.

Here are some other core qualities of Leo Sun Virgo Moon.

  • Once they know what they want, they work extra hard to get it. They pour their heart and soul into it.
  • They love to show care for others by finding out how they are and what they’re up to.
  • They have no time for nonsense and subject all situations to strenuous analysis.
  • They can be charming and friendly, but the Virgo in them makes them want to self-isolate.
  • They like to keep their environment orderly. If they find themselves in a scattered place, they won’t be able to function and need to put things in order before they work.
  • The Virgo influence makes them interested in good health. You will find Leo Sun Virgo Moons following strict diets and exercise regimes.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Characteristics in Love

In love, Leo Sun Virgo Moons savor being the center of attention. They want their partner to shower them with constant affection and treat them like the center of their universe. If the partner shows sufficient love, they reciprocate by lavishing them with gifts.

Virgo zodiac sign in Moon.

Moon in Virgo lovers are fond of finding broken people and striving to change them. Even in already perfect relationships, they will try and find faults to have something to fix. Regardless, Leo Sun Virgo Moons make steadfast and loyal partners.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Man

These men are opinionated and exude charisma, resourcefulness, and nobility. They are critical of things they find disagreeable. This quality makes people call them “big mouths.” However, they love attention and become generous and gentle to those who give it to them. In relationships, a Leo Sun Virgo Moon man is faithful and passionate. Though he’s liable to get critical of the woman’s mistakes, he’ll always remain through thick and thin.

It’s easy to know when you’ve met a man born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Virgo. They’re neat, meticulous dressers with stimulating eloquence. In a word, Leo men are charming.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Women

These women are beautiful and charming. They’re magnetic, flirtatious, and vain. A Leo sun Virgo Moon Woman loves beauty and nice things and will seek to fill her life with them. She also does all she can to keep her reputation intact while people, pulled by her attractiveness, draw closer to her. Beware, though; she’s lovely when she’s your companion but will come at you with all she has when you oppose her. She remains by what she believes in and will make you suffer when you cross her.

Leo Sun and Virgo Moon.

As a wife, she likes a comfortable, well-organized home. She supports her spouse and is domestic, ensuring the home is organized and orderly. She cares for all the people she loves, and as such, her partner will find a loyal and warm companion in her. A woman born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Virgo is impressive. She is a principled perfectionist who will do all in her power to get what she wants.


Leo Sun Virgo Moons usually face an internal struggle trying to balance the pull of the differing sides. However, the combination results in someone who is keenly practical and attentive to fine details. They’re loyal partners and generous to those who show them love.

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