Aries Sun Aquarius Moon

last updated Dec. 9, 2022
Aries Sun Aquarius Moon.

People born in Aries Sun and Aquarius moon are known for their independence, and their drive and ambition. The Aquarius moon brings creativit and imagination, and an awareness of social ills, which is a nice complement to Aries.

The Aquarius moon also imbues the Aries with open-mindedness and tolerance they may have been lacking up until now. The Aries sun Aquarius moon are a perfect combination to have. Read further to learn about the unique characteristics of this combination of signs.

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Personality Traits

Aries are very goal-oriented people who can achieve a lot in their lives because they are so driven and ambitious. They are competitive and often do well in their chosen career where they apply their drive and intelligence. Aries are lively and energetic people who often like an adventure. People with the Aries zodiac sign are unfailingly honest, to the point of bluntness. This can be viewed as positive and negative. At times, their directness may upset some but their honesty is refreshing. As a friend, these people are noticeably kind and generous. They also will not lie to people but will tell the honest truth of what they think about any particular situation.

A negative aspect of the Aries sun sign is that these folk tend towards recklessness at times. There is also a great deal of aggression that ties in with their tremendous drive, which can be off-putting for people who experience the hot temper of the sign.

Aries zodiac in Sun.

The Influence of The Aquarius Moon

People born with Aries in the sun and Aquarius in the moon can be somewhat rebellious but this can help the pioneering spirit of Aries. Another aspect that Aquarius brings is tolerance and Aquarians, in general, are known to be more aware of social problems than the rest of the star signs. While people with the Aries star sign can sometimes be hot-tempered, the Aquarius gives some patience and open-mindedness to the person. It can help reduce the aggressiveness and quick temper that Aries have a bad reputation for displaying at times.

Aries Sun Aquarius Moon Characteristics in Love

Those individuals born with the Aries sun and Aquarius moon have a lot of passion, but can come across as a bit of a mystery due to the insecurity of Aries. Their passion is not always obvious, and they can seem secretive and distant in matters of love and relationships. In relationships, the Aries and Aquarius combination can, unfortunately, come across as aloof. Since the Aries is a strongly autonomous sign, commitment may be frightening to these individuals because it represents a loss of freedom, so they may be reticent to fully emotionally commit or engage with a partner or love interest.

When the relationship does work, these people are usually very loyal and can be trusted to be honest and not deceitful. Their partner needs to understand that Aries/Aquarius individuals love to be independent and like adventures.

Aquarius zodiac in Moon.

Aries Sun Aquarius Moon Man

The ambition is strong and you should not be surprised when an Aries Sun Aquarius moon man climbs the corporate ladder. Provided his skills are recognized, and he is able to use his innovation and hold his temper in check, he will be successful.

  • These men are smart and intelligent, and they also like a challenge.
  • They may become bored in a mundane job that has simple and routine tasks to do.
  • They often perform well in a leadership position where they can supervise others.
  • People often respect this man because he comes across as self-confident and highly competent. Some may even mistake his poise and confidence for arrogance.

Aries Sun Aquarius Moon Woman

This woman is a lively and sociable person who is also very intelligent. She may lack some of the flexibility of other star signs that she sometimes needs, she generally can get on well with coworkers.

  • Her friends enjoy her energy and intelligence.
  • She has a fiercely independent streak and is bold.
  • She makes up her mind fast and does not waiver from what she decides.
  • There is also nothing indecisive about the Aries sun and Aquarius moon woman, she makes a decision easily, and she sticks with it.
  • Another positive aspect of the characteristics of this woman is that she is aware of the downtrodden in society and cares about those less fortunate.

Aries Sun and Aquarius Moon.

Even though she may appear self-absorbed due to the assuredness of Aries, the Aquarius part of her makeup helps increase awareness of society and its issues.


An Aries Sun Aquarius moon is a good combination of characteristics. The person is loyal, ambitious and fiercely independent, but at the same time, they are aware of societal issues and are creative and imaginative. These people have magnetism and are also direct but may find a long-term commitment to be difficult.

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